Amenity: noun a·me·ni·ty \ә-‘me-nә-tē
something that makes life easier or more pleasant – Merriam Webster Dictionary

By Annette Velarde

According to the dictionary definition of “amenity,” Park City in its entirety is an amenity. Whether vacationing or living here year- round, your experience of life here is easier and more pleasant — full stop. However, even that can be upped a notch by allowing yourself to indulge in some of the truly exceptional amenities to be found locally. We’ve curated a list that goes far beyond what anyone would expect. Some are small things, but they are deeply meaningful. A few cost nothing at all, but move your spirit. Others are grand in every way and are well worth your money and time. All of them nourish your mind, body, and soul.

40The Montage to Moab Excursion
For Montage Hotel guests who would like to experience the world-renowned geologic splendor of Southern Utah, this exclusive guided day-trip begins with an early morning ride to a private terminal at the Salt Lake City International Airport. Guests take a 40-minute flight to Moab where they spend the day enjoying guided hiking or biking in Canyonlands or Arches National Park. This area’s natural wonders are so magnificent they can change your life. The guests are returned to The Montage by late afternoon. Excursions are held year-round.

40bAvalanche Dog Meet & Greet
You have to see these dogs in action to believe what they can do. Although the resorts hope these K-9s will not need to be called- upon, an expert team is ready and waiting to search for, locate, and dig-out victims buried in an avalanche. Several times a winter, Park City Mountain brings these four-legged heroes out to say hello to the public and nuzzle every hand offered to them. This is a free amenity offered by Park City Mountain, and will touch your heart deeply.


Victory Ranch
Four-thousand acres of pristine backcountry are preserved and protected for the exclusive use of its owners/members. This may be the largest, most beautiful, wildlife-packed acreage left in Utah that is still privately held as an amenity for an exclusive community. Reconnect with the great outdoors: cross-country skiing, fishing, yurt camping, hiking, and hunting. These “bespoke experiences” are arranged by the staff to meet the individual requests of the owner/members.

Audi luxury automobiles are perfect for mountain driving, and now there’s a program called “Audi Exclusive,” a fully-customized auto selection experience. Design the Audi of your dreams, with exterior colors customized to your ideal; bring in a sample of the color you want, and Audi will match it. And this program doesn’t stop there; interiors, including features you may not have thought of, are available in a dozen shades of its best refined leather. With Audi Exclusive, you will have limitless luxury choices.


The Park City Transit Bus
Park City’s municipal bus service is safe, clean, and free. This is one of the best illustrations of how Park City is all about making life easier for everyone and protecting the environment. Visitors and locals alike can travel from Deer Valley all the way out to Kimball Junction with stops at every location in between.

The Shed Clubhouse at Promontory Ranch Club
The Shed, as it is ironically named, is the crown jewel of Promontory’s amenities because it offers something for every member of the family. It houses a family-friendly grill and soda fountain, fully-stocked art studio, 50-seat movie theatre, basketball/volleyball arena, bowling lanes and arcade games. The sports bar offers extraordinary cocktails and dining while members watch the sun set over the Wasatch Mountains on the fire-pit warmed viewing deck.

41cFountain of Youth Package at Serenity Spa
This isn’t just another spa treatment; it’s a spiritual encounter between your body and soul. Serenity’s expert practitioners holistically pamper you from head to toe. They begin by rubbing you with soft Birchwood sticks that smooth your skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite, followed by a full-body massage with heavenly creams. Afterwards, you are wrapped into a cocoon of warm blankets while the creams penetrate your skin. Then, a luxurious hot-oil scalp ritual is performed while your mind floats away in bliss.


Champagne Sabering at St. Regis Deer Valley
The grand French tradition of opening champagne with a saber is ceremoniously performed nightly at 6:30 to celebrate the day’s end and night’s beginning. The show and showmanship are free to all who gather on the hotel’s magnificent terrace that offers a panoramic view of Deer Valley. There is no more entertaining way to begin après ski fêtes.

The Outdoor Heated Pool at Waldorf Astoria Park City
Picture this: relaxing in bath-water warmth while over your head a zillion stars dance in the night sky and tiny flakes of snow float down to disappear forever in the pool. The serenity of the scene relaxes you to your core, especially as you sip a glass of wine from the pool’s edge.


Celebrity Visits Arranged by Park City Rental Properties
One of the most popular ways to vacation in Park City is to rent a private home. While the homes and condos managed by Park City Rental properties are wonderful in every way, the most sensational amenity they offer is a celebrity visit right in your living room.
Park City Rental Properties maintains a long list that includes Santa Claus, Olympic athletes, and entertainment stars who are happy to make your acquaintance.

875 Main – Victory Ranch on Historic Main Street
For owners/members of Victory Ranch, there’s a cozy, luxurious hideaway on Park City’s Main Street for their exclusive use.
Located just below Town Lift, 875 Main is always fully stocked with beverages, snacks, and storage for ski gear or shopping bags. During the Sundance Film Festival, when it’s impossible to find anywhere to relax on Main Street, this becomes the most envied amenity in town.


Couple’s Massage at Spa Montage
Most things are just better when they’re shared with someone. In the Serenity Suite of Spa Montage, two enormous copper soaking tubs are arranged next to one another. Relaxing in these is where you and your special someone begin your afternoon. The Escape to Serenity couples package is three hours of lavish massage, hot oil treatments, foot baths, and scalp treatments.

The Seafood Buffet at Deer Valley
This may well be the most renowned dining experience in all of Park City, popular and top-rated by dozens of publications. The buffet offers a vast array of fresh seafood including sushi, chilled shellfish, hot seafood appetizers and entrées, alongside roast duck, prime rib, vegetable specialties and fabulous desserts. Fine wines, beer and cocktails are also available. Once you’ve been, no other buffet will ever come close.


The Private Dining Booths at Wahso Asian Grill
Sometimes the greatest luxury you can dream of is a quiet meal with your loved one. To this end, Wahso Asian Grill offers a few curtained booths that seem to hold back the world while you dine. Wahso is renowned for its magnificent Asian cuisine and creative bar beverages, but less known are these little niches for four that make the evening a private celebration.

Children’s Tents at Stein Eriksen Lodge
Grownups think the luxury rooms at Stein’s are their dream come true, but kids need more than exquisite sheets and opulent appointments to be impressed. To that end, Stein’s will pitch and stock what every child would prefer to sleep in – a tent! The squeals and applause from your children will be all the evidence you’ll need; they’ll think you’re the best vacation planner ever.

Obviously, this list is not ordered in any particular ranking. Our hope is that you find one or two (or fifteen) that inspire you and make your life easier, or more pleasurable.

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