“We all have a sense of community, of family. It’s such a great ‘marriage,’ a coming-together of two award-winning brands that celebrates our core values and our mission of bringing people together.”

The new partnership between 350 Main and Alpine Distillery started out as a casual conversation at a local gym when Alpine Distilling’s founder Rob Sergent brought some of his Traveler’s West American Single Malt Whiskey and Lafayette Spiced Bourbon to the gym’s closing party. Rob, Dr. Aaron Hofmann and restauranteurs Cortney Johanson and husband Fabio, sat around tasting and talking, looking for ways to work together.

“Rob was looking for a space to feature his award-winning spirits,” says Cortney, “and we wanted to build on our 23-year history and add unique value to our customers’ dining experience.”

The group decided on the unique flavor profile, designed the private label and introduced it at 350 Main’s sister restaurant, the Spur Bar & Grill. The blended whiskey was a hit with patrons, and they decided to expand and enrich their partnership by offering Alpine’s Preserve Liquor, Summit Gin, Persistent Vodka and other spirits in both restaurants.

Cortney has grown up at 350 Main, starting as a buser, then moving up through the ranks into the manager spot before becoming part owner with her husband Fabio. Their success in creating a congenial, inviting mountain dining atmosphere is rooted in their passion and commitment to serving good food using sustainable products sourced locally.

As a native Kentuckian, Rob Sergent knows whiskey. He also has fond memories of gentlemen sitting around sipping gin, while living in London during his father’s tenure as an embassy dentist.

His early culinary school experience in Louisiana also flavors his intuitive blends of botanicals and unrivaled complexity in Alpine’s products, earning them numerous SIP Platinum, Gold and Silver Awards.

Rob says, “It’s such an amazing honor to be a part of the historical significance of Park City, and I love what Cortney’s done at 350 Main—everything is centered on classic, appropriately innovative recipes and the preservation of the space.”

350 Main’s upscale contemporary American cuisine is a good match for Alpine Distilling’s spirits. Perennial menu favorites and signature items like the Ahi Tower and PEI Mussels with Chorizo and Focaccia, along with popular vegetarian, seafood, steaks and game dishes remain, but new small plates and cocktail/wine pairings are exciting additions.

A major renovation this spring opened up the dining room and rearranged tables to encourage conversation. The expanded, comfortable fireside lounge area is an inviting place to “Sit & Sip,” in the afternoons and gather with friends while noshing on small bites. The remodel also incorporated an Alpine Distilling retail store in the old cloakroom at the front of the building and a whiskey still visible from the street. In the new tasting room downstairs, customers can learn about the distilling process and enjoy a “Gin Experience,” and design their own gin with flavors of star anise, lemon, ginger root, cardamom, chamomile, coriander, angelica root and other botanicals.

“We all have a sense of community, of family,” says Cortney of her long-serving team at 350 Main, “and the collaboration with Alpine Distilling is a good fit. It’s such a great ‘marriage,’ a coming-together of two award-winning brands that celebrates our core values and our mission of bringing people together.”