For some, winter is the season to hunker down in your home and eagerly wait for the heat of summer to come again. But in Park City, our home is where we recoup from a day on the slopes, enjoy homemade après cocktails by the fire and reflect on the beauty of the mountains covered in their fresh blanket of snow. We live in paradise, and our homes should reflect that even in the colder months. We asked some of Park City’s professional interior designers for tips on how to make our homes more inviting, warm and restorative for the winter. Bring on the cold!


Design is all about how we feel. How do we want to feel in our spaces in the winter versus the summer? Oftentimes, in the summer we want to feel cool, serene, and refreshed. We still want serenity in the winter but making that shift from cool to cozy is essential. Our tip is to create warmth. A great way to do that is through lighting. Make sure you have enough functional and layered lighting. Do you have fixed lighting, floor and table lamps and task lighting where you need it? If you have 3000 kelvin bulbs or higher change it to 2700 to make your lighting a touch warmer. Put your fixed lighting on dimmable and timed switches for different levels of ambience throughout the day. Have them turn on before you get home so you walk into a well lit, inviting home.
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A few design trends I am seeing lately that I recommend incorporating into your winter home design is more color and texture. Stay away from the bleak greys and opt for warmer colors like cornflower yellow, navy blue or even a sultry orange. The vibrant color will add a brightness to your room even as the days get darker and colder. Embrace more textures as well. A popular texture that I think can really help you achieve the concept of hygge is both real and faux shearlings (sheep or lamb wool). Whether placed on a chair back as nice padding or a large piece on the floor, your home will instantly feel more soft and cozy.
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The key to getting your home cozy for winter is to focus on layering. Wallpaper is so popular right now and it’s an easy way to add dimension and depth to your room which creates a lot of warmth. From traditional grass cloth to vinyl which is easier to put up and less expensive, there are so many styles and varieties to choose from the sky’s the limit. In my showroom I utilize an aspen tree wallpaper that I think would add a great look in a home and really bring the outdoors in. The finishing touch for any winter space is to add in throw blankets and pillows—real fur, faux fur, chunky chenilles, whatever you like just make sure it’s comfortable and warm!
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When making the most of your winter home space, textiles are always a great way to add warmth, texture and color. When considering draperies, think plaids, flannels and even wool blends. Fabrics that add warmth. Layering window treatments and bedding offers a sense of comfort. Candles and fur accents such as pillows and throws help to add that cozy feeling. On a more practical note, Honeycomb window shades are an excellent way to help insulate your windows to keep the cold air out.
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