Park City’s Grub Steak Restaurant, where 40 years of outstanding service and steaks will be celebrated this year, makes one forget that resort towns and their restaurants aren’t always known for long- term relationships. But this resort town “knew a good thing when it tasted it” four decades ago, making this popular eatery a long-term companion ever since.

Grub Steak Restaurant owner Hans Fuegi claims keeping a restaurant around for four decades in this ski town is easy as long as you have two things: consistency (of food and service) and a convivial atmosphere. Guests can find these attributes exemplified in staff members like Chef Brian Moody and his broiler-chef brother, Gregg, who have been at the restaurant for 35 and 30 years, respectively. One familiar face of the front-of-the-house, head waiter DJ Curtis, has been a member of the Grub Steak family for 25 years. These seasoned veterans represent a necessary component for a successful restaurant, regardless of location. In a resort community, this loyal staff is valued even more.

191aConsistency of food offerings, an area in which Grub Steak does not disappoint, is apparent in every corner of its menu. One recipe unchanged since the restaurant opened is the slow- roasted Prime Rib of Beef. This special salt-and-herb rubbed roast is an 18-hour slow-cooked labor of love. The classic Bread Pudding with a vanilla and bourbon sauce will satisfy any sweet tooth.

Grub Steak’s success is not only measured by its consistency through the years, but by its ability to adapt to the tastes of an ever-changing community. Introduction of a gluten-free menu, options for smaller meat portions, and sourcing more local products keep the restaurant on-trend today.

Forty years of great food and friendly, reliable service comes with countless memories. These memories are not only shared among Fuegi and his staff, but among his patrons as well. In four decades, Grub Steak Restaurant has seen generations of families returning again and again. This, says Fuegi, is one of the greatest compliments his restaurant can receive.

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