“Our task must be to free ourselves… by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.” –Albert Einstein

The majority of Park City homes include at least one furry member of the family. In fact, for most residents, imagining life in Park City would not be the same without their furry friends. With as many canine and feline residents as humans, Park City has truly gone to the animals. With two world-class
dog parks, miles of shaded trails, countless dog walkers, hikers, groomers, and even a pet baker, Park City has well earned the title of “Bark City.”

It truly is an honor and privilege to forge an everlasting friendship with an animal. The most unconditional, nonjudgmental love comes from some of the scrappiest cats and dogs. They offer unmatched support, loyalty and hours of humor. It would seem then that our duty is to protect our pets, inside and out, and with some of the most outstanding, advanced veterinary services in our backyard, protecting our companions is easier than ever.

Summer is a great season to enjoy our wonderful mountain environment with our animal companions, but can present challenges such as insect bites, allergies and excessive exercise. Here are some suggestions for natural remedies for minor problems (always check with your veterinarian if a problem is more than mild).

Allergies: itching and red areas can occur from touching, breathing and eating things that trigger an excess immune reaction. For minor redness and itching, try treating the area topically with drinkable, pure aloe vera juice. Homeopathic remedies like Urtica urens (pimply rashes) or Sulphur (generalized redness and itching) can often manage minor problems without having to use stronger medication.

Whether you work long hours, take business trips, vacations, or just need a day away, our bonded, licensed, and insured staff will provide the loving, safe, and reliable care you want for your pet.

Insect bites: with our mountain flowers come mosquitoes, hornets, wasps and bees. Try rubbing wet mint tea bags topically to help minimize the soreness and redness on the affected area. Homeopathic remedies Apis mellifica (swelling, redness, itching and heat) or Ledum (swollen but no redness or heat) can quickly make insect bites a non-issue.

139aOver-doing it: who doesn’t want to spend hours hiking and playing in Park City’s wonderful scenery? But over-doing it in high elevation can lead to sore muscles, shortness of breath (if your pet comes from a lower elevation) or over-heating. For sore muscles, try massaging Traumeel ® ointment or gel topically and the homeopathic Arnica orally until muscles aren’t as sore. For shortness of breath when at an unaccustomed high elevation, the homeopathic Nux vomica can often help speed up acclimating. And in hot weather, always keep the homeopathic Belladonna easily accessible. It is the remedy for sunstroke and overheating.

These remedies shouldn’t replace getting your pet in quickly to a veterinarian in a serious situation, but can often alleviate symptoms while on the way. In mild situations, remedies can limit discomfort and allow you and your animal companion a quick return to hitting those mountain trails.

138aRoutine check-ups and scheduled veterinary care are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the overall health and well being of our furry friends. Just like humans, what we put into our pet’s bodies is a direct reflection of their overall health and happiness. Growing demand for natural dog food products has opened up a tremendous opportunity for Park City businesses. ANIMAL HEALTH OPTIONS and SUMMIT FEED & PET SUPPLY are your local sources for natural, holistic pet nutrition. Data suggests that obesity in cats and dogs can lead to severe health problems. Animal Health Options and Summit Feed & Pet Supply carry the highest quality, all natural dog and cat foods with high proteins and lower carbohydrates for all of your pet’s dietary needs.

139bEnsuring our pet’s mental stimulation, physical exertion and emotional wellbeing can be a daunting and difficult task when you’re miles away from home. When going on vacation, so should your pet! THORN CREEK KENNEL is ClubMed for our pets. Located just outside Kamas, the kennel sits on a riverfront property where dogs have the opportunity to run, bark, play and dig to their hearts content. Thorn Creek offers state-of-the-art safe, secure and fun environments for your best friend.

The love animals possess is like nothing else. They give and give yet ask for nothing more in return than a scratch behind the ears, a full bowl of food and the occasional wet kiss on the cheek. While Park City dogs are living the life in Bark City, many animals in Utah are less fortunate. The
Utah Humane Society has made a goal for the year of 2014 to place, return or help transfer 10,000 dogs. Together we can make this goal a reality for homeless and neglected animals across Utah.

For more information please visit their website utahhumane.org or call 801-261-2919.

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