Caring for Park City’s AnimalsBy Alex Frisch

“I think I could turn and live with animals, they are so placid and self-contained. I stand and look at them long and long.” –Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

Most Park City homes include at least one furry four-legged member. Almost 3,000 dogs have been rescued and placed in Summit County by FRIENDS OF ANIMALS UTAH, and with as many canine residents as humans, Park City has truly gone to the dogs. With two world- class dog parks, miles of trails, hundreds of dog walkers, pet-friendly lodging, exceptional veterinary services and Friends of Animals Utah, Park City has earned the title, “Bark City”.

Lets be honest—the most loving friends we have are our pets. They spend the vast majority of their lives patiently waiting for us to come home. They offer us devoted companionship, loyalty and support. Our souls are nearer perfect when we return their love. It would seem then that our duty is to protect our pets, inside and out, and with some of the most outstanding veterinary services in our backyard, protecting our companions is easier than ever.

Dr. Kimberly Henneman and her team at ANIMAL HEALTH OPTIONS approach the veterinary care of pets with those truths in mind. They take a fully integrative approach in their animal medical practice that proactively treats the whole being, not only symptoms.

WHITE PINE VETERINARY CLINIC has been serving Park City for over 30 years. Dr. McDonald and his associates stay at the forefront of small animal care and their concern for your pet’s health equals your own. SILVER CREEK VETERINARY CLINIC combines 30 years of training and experience along with the most cost efficient strategies in preventive care. ELITE VETERINARY SERVICES offers superior care for horse owners and trainers in the Park City, Kamas, Heber and surrounding areas. Additionally, Elite Veterinary Services is the only equine veterinary service in the area open twenty-four hours, seven days a week to care for your elective and emergency needs. With years of specialized training, Elite Veterinary Services is able to offer advanced options for equine veterinary care to augment routine services, and resident Dr. Karen Blake is a board certified veterinary surgeon. Park City’s newest full service animal hospital is PINEBROOK ANIMAL HOSPITAL, where doctors and technicians alike treat your pet as if it were family.

Routine check-ups and veterinary care are only a small part of what makes a well-rounded, happy, healthy pet. What we put into our animals is just as important as what we keep away. Growing consumer demand for natural dog food has opened a tremendous opportunity for Park City companies. HOPE ANIMAL HEALTH CENTER and SUMMIT FEED & PET SUPPLY are your local sources for natural, holistic pet nutrition. We all know that eating food that’s wholesome and fresh is good for us, why wouldn’t we want the same for our favorite companions? Recent data suggests that 48% of all dogs and 54% of all cats are obese. Hope Animal Health Center and Summit Feed & Pet Supply carry the highest-quality, all-natural dog and cat foods with high proteins and lower carbohydrates for all of your pet’s dietary needs.

Ensuring our pets’ mental, physical, and emotional well being is a much more difficult task when we’re miles away. When going on vacation, so should your pet! THORN CREEK KENNEL is ClubMed for your dog. Located just outside Kamas on shady riverfront acreage, dogs have the opportunity to run, bark, play and dig to their heart’s content. Thorn Creek Kennel offers a state-of-the-art safe, secure and fun environment for your best friend. Providing the most comfortable accommodations and nutritious food, there is no better place for Fido when you’re not home.

We all know that we get so much from our animal friends and in Park City we are fortunate to have a wide array of expert caregivers for the animals we love so much. But let’s not forget the thousands of homeless animals that could still use our help. Please contact your local animal rescue organization to donate time, money, food, and other resources. Let us not judge ourselves by how well we treat our own pets, but instead by how well we can help those in need. “Bark City” is truly a magical place for our four legged friends.

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