A community celebration marking the hospital’s fifth birthday is scheduled for September 12th from 3-7pm.

By Amy Roberts

On September 15, 2014, Park City Medical Center will turn five, and to celebrate, the hospital is giving a nearly $30 million dollar present to the residents and visitors of Summit County.

This summer, the hospital will break ground on what’s being dubbed the “North Expansion Project,” an 82,000-square-foot addition that will house a community education center, an impressive new LiVe Well facility dedicated to wellness, and clinic space for current and new doctors. The addition will also allow for more patient rooms in the hospital by converting current office space into patient rooms and moving those offices into the new building.
“We’ve exceeded all projections for growth, and we need to respond to the future healthcare needs of our community,”
noted Park City Medical Center CEO Rob Allen. “This is a really exciting project and we’re thrilled to be able to offer even more high-quality healthcare options to our community.”

115Many of those new services will be offered in the hospital’s LiVe Well department. Currently, LiVe Well Center is housed on the hospital’s second floor where a team of experts meets with each client, giving them a full-body report card of sorts. Nutrition, fitness level, sleep habits, lab work and stress management are all graded separately and the LiVe Well team then “tutors” clients and helps them get any Cs, Ds and Fs up to As and Bs in each category of health. For those clients needing additional support, wellness coaching is also available.

When the new building is complete, (projected October of 2015) the LiVe Well Center will also offer sports medicine and performance testing, acupuncture, energy medicine, massage, yoga, Pilates and meditation classes to their already extensive list of wellness services.

“Intermountain Healthcare has long been a proponent and leader in offering preventive medicine. It might seem counter intuitive, after all, hospitals make money when people are sick. But we recognize the healthcare system is broken, and the only way to fix it is to focus on prevention. That’s why we are putting so many resources into our LiVe Well Center,” Allen explained. “It’s always better for the patient to help them prevent disease than to try and cure it.”

The education center, which will be housed in the new building, is also part of the LiVe Well mission. The hospital will continue to offer free classes and seminars on a variety of topics to help people make positive, healthy and sustainable changes in their lives.

And if that’s not enough, this summer Park City Medical Center is putting its money where its mouth is—literally. The hospital is building a free 25 x 75 foot community garden on its campus, open to anyone looking for some fresh, organic vegetables.

“We’ll be planting in June and as soon as we have vegetables, everyone is welcome to come pick a few. The garden will be adjacent to the surrounding trail system, and our goal is for people to think about getting some exercise, then stop by the garden and take home a few fresh veggies for a healthy meal,” Allen said.

Eventually, the hospital plans to offer free educational classes in the garden, like healthy cooking classes, community yoga classes and more.

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