Park City Takes to the Sky

By Alex Frisch

The hot air balloon is the oldest successful human-carrying flight technology. A hot air balloon creates excitement that attracts and holds attention. More than six million spectators annually attend hundreds of balloon events nationwide, more than any other outdoor summer activity, including baseball games and car races. Ascending in a hot air balloon and cruising over the picturesque landscape of Park City is indeed the thrill of a lifetime.

MORNING STAR BALLOONS is Park City’s premier hot air balloon company. For hot air balloon rides in Utah they are the best. The company has been family owned and operated for 12 years now and their strong commitment to customer service has allowed Morning Star Balloons to quickly rise to the top company in Utah. Since their beginnings in 2001, Morning Star Balloons has reached out to local communities by donating thousands of dollars worth of their services to various schools and charities.
Morning Star Balloons has three pilots who have accumulated nearly 10,000 total flight hours between them, making Morning Star Balloons the most experienced company around. These highly experienced FAA certified pilots have compiled a perfect safety record.

Each year Morning Star Balloons is personally selected by the owner of Rainbow Ryders, the official ride operator of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, to help them run rides during the largest festival in the world. Morning Star Balloons has also been featured on two local TV shows “Outdoor Living” and “At your Leisure”, as well as nationally on “The Amazing Race” and MTV’s “Nitro Circus”. Their continued commitment to excellence keeps Morning Star Balloons constantly moving forward.

OK3 AIR is a full-service, fixed- based operator offering flight training, private charter planes and many more services. Conveniently located just twenty minutes away from Park City at the Heber City Municipal Airport, OK3 AIR offers backcountry charter trips that take you away in easy comfort. Several different trip options make it easy for every member of the family to partake and enjoy this memorable adventure.

For centuries man has had the urge to imitate birds and fly; gliding and soaring is one of the closest feelings to flying a person can achieve. SOAR UTAH is a first class commercial soaring operation located at Heber Valley Airport, Heber City. In addition to great support for the Utah Soaring Association they provide instruction, tows, rides and glider rental May through October. Come experience the thrill and excitement of soaring with one of the foremost associations for soaring and gliding in the country.

Each of the four seasons presents a new and varied landscape that can only be more deeply appreciated from aloft in a private charter plane, in the seat of a glider, or nestled in the basket of a balloon. These air rides are the simplest and easiest ways for you, your family, and friends to create a lifetime of memories and take in the natural beauty of Summit County—and with some of the friendliest, knowledgeable staff around, everyone is sure to have a great day in the air.

MORNING STAR BALLOONS 435-654-7433 | 2001 Park Ave, Park City
OK3 AIR 435-654-3962 | 1980 Airport Road, Heber City
SOAR UT 435-654-0654 | 2002 Airport Road, Heber Cit

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