By Harriet McEntire Lanka
When was the last time you took time to relax & regenerate? I invite you to start today.

My name is Harriet McEntire Lanka, owner of the Align Spa in Park City we are a local favorite and hidden gem, just steps from Main St. We’ve been consistently delivering luxury healing experiences to our guests for over 11 years.

The journey has been full of revelations and growth, both personally and professionally. It began as a one-woman massage show in 2002. The spa is now an incredible team of friends that share a vibrant 4,000 sq ft space with 10 treatment rooms, and amenities that include a tea bar, a large relaxation lounge and a sauna.

CG7A3504My massage and spa journey began when I sought solutions for my own stubborn skin challenges and relief from chronic pain. I always dreamed of finding a business where I could consistently receive effective bodywork and spa treatments.

What I didn’t realize at the time is that it would be me opening this place I longed for, a decade later.

The first purpose-full insight came in 1998, when I had a dream that I was a massage therapist. I was a junior in college at the time, studying sociology, and on an Outward Bound retreat when this dream came. I knew then that my path had changed and that healing was now a part of my story; but it took a few years for the “how” to unfold.

CG7A3431It wasn’t until 2001 that my path became crystal clear. Having dreamt, felt and visualized myself as a massage therapist so clearly already, I went for it and began massage school in Utah.

Failure was not an option.

I opened the spa doors in 2003, and Align immediately began attracting locals, celebrities and high profile clients. By aligning my passion and purpose, lives were changing left and right, including my own.  My clarity and passion helped me quickly attract the opportunities and people that helped Align grow into what it is today.

I operate under the belief that things will always work out for me and my business. The more I view each challenge as an adventure and opportunity to grow from, the more fluid everything becomes.

CG7A2539cThe greatest joy in my life is being able to relieve people from pain. I am instantly able to sense and relieve resistance in the body; “trigger points” so to speak. I’ve always attracted therapists with similar abilities. This is the essence of all our bodywork at Align.

With so much positive proof in my life, I began to understand the science behind this growth. I realized we are all magnets for manifestation, meaning whatever we align our heart and mind to see, it will appear in some manner.

CG7A3230The growth curves and turns along this journey have been steep, vibrant, memorable, and all completely instrumental. I do my best to embrace everything in life and business with an attitude of fearlessness, humor and the assumption of inevitable success.

The kanji symbol on Align’s logo means “never forget the pleasure of the journey”.

We all have access to our ideal life. Sometimes all we need is a reminder. This is what Align Spa is for me and what I want it to be for you. A place where you can be reminded of how important you are.

CG7A3788You can feel this light, life and vibe everywhere at the spa.

From the sweet dogs that greet you when you enter, to the products we choose, to the laughter and joy you’ll feel; we are what we do.

Our treatment menu includes several styles of massage, luxurious body treatments, chiropractic care, acupuncture and facials for all skin types. And don’t miss our highly sought-after Dermasound Facial, which keeps locals and out of town guests returning often due to the immediately visible results.

At Align, we listen to your needs, and can help you connect with what you didn’t even know you needed. You’ll leave the spa feeling connected, valued and served, and looking forward to returning.

CG7A3645So the next time you find yourself in Park City, and you’re desiring a breath of fresh air for your mind, body and soul, give us a call. I look forward to you feeling for yourself what makes the Align Spa memorable and different.

And whether I see you at Align Spa in Park City, at our Costa Rica destination, or at one of our yoga lifestyle events, I wish you a beautiful life.

And remember that love and gratitude are the answer, whatever the question.

Pura Vida
Love, Harriet

*For more info on our Costa Rica location and lifestyle events, or how to work with me directly, please visit



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