One of the most entertaining, beautiful, and historic experiences around Park City isn’t on the slopes or in the shops, it’s nestled in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains.

The Heber Valley Railroad (HVRR) is an authentic heritage train that carries passengers along sixteen miles of scenic wandering track from Heber City through the Provo Canyon. This testament to old-time Utah allows passengers to catch a glimpse of the majestic bald eagle, the gargantuan moose, or, if lucky enough, the illusive mountain lion, all while lounging next to the train’s large viewing windows.

As the breathtaking Mount Timpanogos looms in the near distance, this dazzling ride lets tourists and locals alike take a step back into the 1920s—hearing the roar of the steam horn, feeling the diesel locomotive take the tracks, chugging along some of the most picturesque scenery Utah has to offer. View people working and playing along the Provo River, Deer Creek Reservoir and Heber Valley farmlands.

The Heber Valley Railroad not only serves as host to amazing visual tableaus and unique wildlife—the ride is also fun for the whole family! Specialty excursions are widely popular, spawning enthusiasm for holidays, special occasions, and family-oriented activities. Some of the popular summertime activities are the Friday and Saturday evening trains. The Sunset BBQ Special and the Saturday Night Provo Canyon Limited include live entertainment, food and music. During the day, riders can choose between regular scenic trains around Deer Creek Reservoir and along the Provo River. Adventure train options include Raft-n-Rails, combining a train ride and river rafting, Reins-n-Trains, which includes a horseback ride, and Wilderness Zipline, which combines the train and an exciting Zipline adventure.

Last but not least, the train rides allow its passengers to enjoy “a slice of Americana which has otherwise disappeared.” Passengers witness history coming-to-life through first-hand encounters with the U.S. railroading days of yore. “It’s more than just a train ride,” said Mark Nelson, Executive Director of the HVRR, “it’s history in motion.” Loco-motion, indeed.

Join the Heber Valley Railroad this summer and fall for a great variety of scenic and adventure trains.

For ticket price information and schedules, please call 435-654-5601 or visit

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