By Julie Hooker

In Sanskrit, the language of yoga, the ayur in Ayurveda means “life.” Veda translates to “science and knowledge.” In 2012, long-term Parkite, Kitty Stoneburner transformed her life experiences and deep understanding of the practice of Ayurvedic healing to create the Amatsu Spa and Wellness Center.
As a Wall Street broker with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Kitty tried traditional Western medicine to ease her symptoms. When conventional methods didn’t work, she sought homeopathic and Ayurvedic treatments. Through detoxing and changing her diet, Kitty’s health improved. By combining a variety of products, practices, and treatments, Kitty revitalized her health and found her calling as a healer and homeopathic practitioner.

113Now, at the Amatsu Spa and Wellness Center, guests can work with Kitty along with a variety of highly trained and skilled practitioners. Kitty explains, “Because of my personal health issues, training in homeopathic and natural therapies, and my business background, the Amatsu Spa and Wellness Center is my dream.”

With her husband, Kitty purchased the SKY Lodge and designed a luxury spa experience with acupuncture, customized menus, organic products, and cleanses. While Amatsu Spa is the epitome of extravagance, Kitty is committed to ensuring local access to the same healing modalities. Programs at Amatsu Spa include yoga, meditation, and conscious eating. Creative Chef Christian Ojeda designs meals to enhance cleanses, detoxifications, and healthy lifestyles. His meals are customized, can be ordered gluten-free, and are delicious.

As owners of the SKY Lodge for two- and-a-half years, the Stoneburner family has made conscious choices in regard to altering the buildings to enhance the wellness center.

The focus at the SKY Lodge is to offer deep wellness packages in conjunction with world-class spa services. All of spa’s practitioners, from aestheticians to massage therapists, are well trained in the Ayurvedic arts. With ongoing professional development at the spa, clients receive a program based on a variety of wellness choices.

Treatments at the spa are essentially all organic. The hydra-facial is promoted as a natural and alternative approach to facial treatments, and keeps clients away from harmful and painful chemical peels. In addition to cranial-sacral and Reiki therapies, Amatsu offers specific Ayurvedic treatments including Abhyanga, a specialized massage from India that includes essential oils and four hands.

The Amatsu Spa partners with special guests, unique healers, and healing opportunities. For example, the spa partnered with Just Organic Juice, a certified organic ingredients-only supplier, to bring guests high-quality liquid nutrition for cleanses and a healthier lifestyle. Both guests at the SKY Lodge and locals can order these cleansing juices to undergo “mini- cleanses” and re-boots.

Amatsu’s authentic wellness program is designed for visitors and those that simply need a stay-cation. The Amatsu Spa and Wellness Center is sustainable because, as Kitty notes, “It is rare for a healer to have the financial resources and business knowledge to create a sustainable wellness center.”

The real difference between Amatsu Spa and other conventional spas is its ability to connect the mind, body, skin, and typical spa treatments with lifelong changes for well being.

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