There are many art galleries on Historic Main Street in Park City, but there’s only one Silver Queen Fine Art.
From the moment you walk through the door, you know you’ve found a special place, run by special people, and reigned over by a very, very special cat named King Midas.

Timm Hilty, owner of Silver Queen (but second in command to King Midas) has been deeply influenced by art in his own life, and his gallery represents that. “There have been many instances in my life when art opened my eyes to the truth in a situation.

For me, the works of art a person chooses to have around them are true representations of their inner landscape,” said Hilty. “All of the artists who are represented by my gallery create with their soul, and their pieces move people.”

For example, Utah artist R. Garth has a fiery passion about personal integrity and autonomy, and this is evident in his art. Massive bronze American flags, waving in turbulent winds arouse the bold hope our national symbol represents to the world. Garth’s playful side is evident in his large warthog-shaped piggybank called “Bail Money.” Once you see how the bank is opened, you also realize that R. Garth has a clear- headed commitment to intellectual honesty too.

Silver Queen Fine Art also features many other well-known artists such as Nano Lopez, Michael Parks, and Stephanie Richie. They have been the exclusive Park City agent of Tim Cotterill’s Frogman collection since Cotterill began creating his fanciful bronze sculptures. Hilty curates a wide variety of mediums and styles to ensure every soul who comes in will find something that moves them.
And now on to King Midas, the 10 year-old orange tabby cat who reigns supreme over Silver Queen Fine Art. “I like to think of myself as a benevolent monarch who encourages self-expression as long as it’s in good taste,” said Midas. “I spend most of my time posting on my Facebook page, so be sure to Friend me. As you’ll see, I have a long list of celebrities who have stopped in the gallery to give me a pat on the head or belly rub. Please feel free to do the same.”
577 Main Street, Park City,

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