Park City Designers Improve their Craft with Apps.

Local design professionals find that apps improve how they do business and manage their busy lives.

Anthea Hovden, senior designer at Robert Kelly Gallery on Main Street, relies on Pinterest to connect her with her clients’ design preferences. Clients have their own page, and she can access it to see what pieces, colors, and styles they are drawn to. Anthea also finds Houzz useful for discussing ideas and preferences, and she’s never without her scheduling app to keep herself organized.

Jennifer Brassey, owner of Elume Lighting, loves her Lutron Home+ app for the lights in the showroom and the ease of her banking app. Other favorites are WhatsApp for texting to Australia, Songza for workout music, and LinkedIn to connect with her peers.

Matthew Wallman of San Francisco Design reports the design studio’s extensive use of iPads and apps. Favorites include Livingroom for trying out different furniture in a setting; Homestyler Interior Design for dimensionally placing furniture in photos of the clients’ rooms; Autodesk, a quick-to-use drawing program; Design Wizard to get dimensions of a room without actually measuring; Instagram to highlight pieces in the showroom; and Houzz and Pinterest for determining design favorites.

Personally, Matthew uses Siri to quickly schedule his day and set up notifications, Pandora and Spotify for music while he works. Yapp offers graphics, a discussion board, and scheduling and note-taking functions, making meetings and workshops more productive.

Mario Ferreira with Barclay Butera Interior Design says the focus of the design studio is finding the inspiration that best suits the client, and maintaining communications between client and designer. The firm relies on Pinterest and Houzz, and supplements communications with Instagram and Facebook.
In the studio, the designers use Sketchup for convenient 3-D renderings.

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