Experiencing the joys of summer means taking the time to exhale and soak in the beauty of the season. It’s about enjoying every sight, smell and sound of the summertime. This year, how do you plan to enjoy the outdoor areas of your home? How can you create an outdoor space that draws your family members and guests outside as much as possible?

180Add Comfort. One of life’s greatest pleasures may be taking a nap on a lazy summer afternoon. This year consider adding a hammock to your backyard mix. Its rhythmic swing may be your perfect vacation from stress. Throw a down comforter on top for those cool breezes and take a long… deep… breath.

Is your stylish outdoor furniture actually comfortable? Perhaps it’s time to find comfy chairs and loungers in sleek style that you also look forward to unwinding-in. The options are nearly endless, and simply replacing cushions may do the trick.

Add Color. Colorful cushions, bright throw pillows, and exciting accessories are great ways to refresh your outdoor living area’s look. This year’s color trends feature lots of refreshing greens and blues, perfect for creating a relaxed yet vibrant atmosphere. Adding color to your landscape with flowering plants and shrubs is always a great — and easy — idea for making your outdoor spaces “pop”. Outdoor rugs are another popular way to add color and visually tie the whole area together.

181Add Fun. It could be as simple as a ring toss and lawn darts, or as elaborate as building an outdoor chess set or backyard obstacle course. The best games for you will always vary depending on the ages of your family members, but the idea is to get people active outside playing a game together.

Add Petscaping. Our pets also look forward to the extra time in summer to romp, play and sleep outside in the sunshine. Creating an area that’s safe and fun for our four-legged friends may include: paths to run and patrol, easy access to water, shaded spots and a lookout platform. Remember to check on any new plants to be sure they’re safe for your pets.

Add Mood. Outdoor lighting can greet you and your guests with an enchanting warm welcome as you enter its soft, romantic glow. There are so many areas to consider including path lighting, task lighting for food prep areas, accent spotlights and all variations of decorative lighting. Achieving the best outdoor lighting not only highlights the beauty of your outdoor living environment, but also extends the precious hours that you and your guests spend outdoors together.

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