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In a small town, you can make a big difference. 

“Many of us want to do more to preserve our natural environment, especially within our local community,” said Thomas. “Bringing reusable bags to the store or farmer’s market is one small but significant way we can protect our streams, rivers, soils and wildlife.”

Park City is a leader on many fronts including the environment. Our historic ski town made another historic move by being the first city in the state of Utah to enact a plastic bag ban. This ban targets the razor-thin, single-use plastic bags used in grocery stores over 12,000 square feet. This initiative is part of the pledge that the city has made regarding energy and natural resources.

Plastic bags have become a huge environmental problem. Plastic doesn’t decompose and clogs our beautiful, pristine streams and rivers. It hurts our wildlife that accidently ingests the bags.

The ban also reduces the number of plastic bags littering the community, which are not only unsightly, but cost the community money to clean up. The ban is an effort to reeducate our community to make better choices.

Mayor Jack Thomas said, “The future of environmental leadership lies with small communities like Park City; We recognize our responsibility to create a cleaner, smaller footprint, and we’re developing ways to help our residents be part of the solution.” In a small town, you can make a big difference. You can talk to neighbors and big influence the community from the bottom up.
The plastic bag ban is one step of many that Park City has pledged to address the value of environment and resources in our community.

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