If you think a beach vacation can kill your skin, you’ve never spent a winter in Utah. The high altitude, sunny days with temperatures in the teens, zero humidity and stabbing winds create a recipe for crepey, brittle faces that even your coziest neck gaiter can’t hide.
Protect your skin with products like hyper-moisturizing sunscreen during the day and then reapply frequently. You’ll be constantly wiping your nose and eyes and, therefore, wiping off your protection. Ladies, your foundation may have SPF but that wears off too. Grab a powder like Colorescience’s Sunforgettable Brush-On sunscreen to keep everything in place. Also, carry a lip balm with high SPF along with an SPF face stick for longer-lasting wear on kids.

Lotions aren’t the only thing that can help. Because the dry air leeches moisture from your skin, drink plenty of water to rehydrate. “Th e hot cold, hot cold can also cause spider veins or something that looks like rosacea,” said Splendor’s Delilah Frank. Keeping your skin hydrated is your best defense.

At night, aft er showering with a gentle cleanser, layer on the moisturizers, and exfoliate to rid yourself of those dead skin cells that inevitably pile up.

You can also indulge in a facial at one of Park City’s luxurious day spas. The Serenity Spa at Westgate features a 50-minute Summit Hydrating Facial which specifically addresses dry dehydrated skin. Powerful botanicals, layered onto the face and neck, are amplified by a warm silver ion mask leaving your skin deeply hydrated, nourished and calm.

Prepping yourself for ski season isn’t just about packing a puffy and doing squats. Make sure your skin is armed as well.