Gallery Mar Owner, Maren Mullin
Gallery Mar Owner, Maren Mullin

Celebrating 10 impressive years in Park City, Gallery MAR created a captivating video series entitled, “Behind the Art”. It’s an incredible opportunity to hear Gallery MAR artists’ stories and watch their passion come to life. Look for personal background into why and how these artists make their art, while witnessing interesting insights into the evolution of Gallery MAR. Here are just a few favorite moments from the series including what owner Maren Mullin has to say about them.

For Russon, his passion translates to painting the beauty and honesty he admires in animals. He draws from a lifelong connection and communication with the great outdoors. For Gallerist Maren Mullin, it’s about building authentic relationships with both her artists and collectors allowing her to better understand their needs and create a beautiful breathing space for artistic expression. “We’ve had the pleasure of coordinating bespoke commissions with Ron Russon for some amazing spaces: both private here in town and in the common areas of the One Empire Pass development. Th at moment when a collector sees the piece that they have been envisioning, in person, is remarkable.”

“What really moves me is that genuine authenticity…” – Ron Russon

Flint’s paintings represent an exciting artistic journey into untamed places in search of the unexpected. Mixing traditional concepts and contemporary finesse is also a great way to describe the growth of Gallery MAR. “I’ve learned through my time here that staying true to myself and my aesthetic is the most important path that I can take,” said Mullin. “Honesty and integrity are touchstones for myself and staff , and we also hold our artists to the highest possible standards.”

“My process is a mixture of traditional ideas and contemporary approaches.” – Matt Flint

Understanding and relating the stories behind her artists’ work has been central to Mullin’s focus for the gallery. Hosting collector dinners enabling artists and collectors to meet is another way she fosters those strong connections. She believes, “Living with fi ne artwork that you have chosen changes your life—you breathe differently in the space of something beautiful and extraordinary. When you know the artists’ story and can imagine them creating your special work by hand, we have done our job right here at Gallery MAR.”

“There is something very humble about what we do: we connect people with art. We are allowed to see the moment when a work of art touches someone’s heart. I cherish the exciting opportunities we get to pursue, and the amazing collectors we meet along the way. But in many ways, I still feel like the 25-year-old who signed a lease when she wasn’t sure she could pay for it!”

“Maren is really fascinated by the stories behind the art—how they’re made and what the artist is thinking during the process. And I think that really makes a difference—to know it’s a whole story.” – Bridgette Mainhold

To see the artists in action, be sure to go to to watch the video series.