Where High Country Meets High Class

By Amy Roberts

There are few places left you actually have to see to believe. A quick search on the Internet can provide you with detailed descriptions, hundreds of images, videos, and first-hand accounts, often leaving you to wonder if you really need to actually visit the place you just Googled. Technology has a way of diminishing the delight of first-hand experience.

But every once in a while, you come across a hidden gem so exceptional and magical, a year’s worth of online research can’t do it justice. Blue Sky Ranch is such a place.

Located on 3,500 pristine acres of high-country terrain just 15 minutes from Park City, this working ranch is where the Wild West straddles urban sophistication. A place where civilized comforts meet authentic Western ambiance. A place where your options for adventure are limited only by your imagination.

“Our vision is to be a destination where people can get away from the noise and the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and truly reconnect with nature and romance. Where you can experience the mountain west by day and enjoy modern luxuries by night,” notes Henry Hudson, director of adventures at Blue Sky.


The ranch’s adventure list is so vast Butch Cassidy himself would likely tip his hat in respect. You can try your hand at a Blixt & Company-designed sporting clay course, saddle-up your own horse for a breathtaking ride among the pines and aspens, fish for trout in private blue-ribbon waters, herd and rope cattle, and pretty much anything else short of a shootout at high noon.

“We customize Western, mountain inspired adventures for most of our guests,” Henry noted. “Activities change seasonally and we are happy to work with each guest to make their experience truly unique and memorable. There really is something for everyone at Blue Sky — even if you’re a hardened city slicker. And we don’t leave out the little buckaroos. We offer ample adventures for kids of all ages too.”

One of those activities includes getting kids comfortable with horses and teaching them the ways of humane and natural horsemanship. “We have over 50 horses at Blue Sky, and every single one of them is special and loved,” added Henry. “We don’t consider them property, we consider them pets. And we feel it’s our responsibility to share our passion for horses and educate all of our guests on how to properly care for and treat these amazing animals.”

While adventures are the main attraction right now, there are some exciting blueprints being drawn-up for Blue Sky. In 2017, the ranch expects to open a 60-room boutique resort called the Lodge at Blue Sky. Yurts that promise to evoke all the comforts of modern living will be available for nightly rental, and the Spa at Blue Sky will cater to those seeking a little pampering after a day on the range. And coming
this summer, High West Distillery will open its doors on the property. The now world-famous vodka and whiskey maker is expanding its operations and will soon offer tastings, tours and a full restaurant right at Blue Sky.

So after a day of working cattle, you can sip whiskey by a campfire while your horse is hitched to a nearby post, then retire for the night to your nearby luxury accommodations where five-star amenities await.

Blue Sky — don’t bother to Google it, just do it.

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