Parkites love to buy farm fresh produce and meats, now they can use locally-crafted knives for their local ingredients. From finding the perfect culinary knife on the New West KnifeWorks side of the shop to wielding “dangerous toys for big boys” on the MTN MAN Toy Shop side, it’s a shopping experience like no other.

When a New West KnifeWorks knife was featured as a #1 item in the New York Times gift guide last year, the exposure launched the company into the national spotlight. To meet increased demand, they have expanded into a larger production shop in the Teton Mountains—not far from their Jackson, WY roots. It’s a growing outfit of skilled, passionate craftsmen and women.

Just in time for the winter gifting season, New West KnifeWorks offers custom laser engraving on their knives and tomahawks. Adding a permanent, personal touch turns a high performance tool into a useful keepsake that will last for years to come.

Stop by the shop on Main Street and let their “knife concierges” help you enhance the culinary artist in friends and family or find the perfect MTN MAN pocket knife. New West KnifeWorks boasts a lifetime guarantee, what’s more, whenever knives are dull, just drop them off for sharpening.