2013 unveils new technology.

Performance winter gear evolves faster than an avalanche, but this year’s hottest toys are redefining how you ski or ride the mountain.

From customizable hardgoods to multi-purpose accessories, this season’s gear is engineered to go above and beyond the call of duty. This winter, local gear heads share some of the most revolutionary gadgets that are hitting the ski shops.

Park City Ski Boot owner Brent Amsbury raves about the new Fischer Ranger boot featuring Vacuum Fit technology. The freeski boot’s plastic shell is vacuum-molded to the specific contours of your feet, giving you a more precise and comfy fit that helps transfer power from body to skis. Plus, three adjustable modes (hiking/ skiing/locked) offer varying degrees of support and flexibility depending on your activity.

Fischer’s adjustability doesn’t stop at ski boots. Whether you’re on-piste or off, their line of Hybrid skis can be modified to fit any type of snow condition. Jans’ ski buyer, Squid Sideris, explains that Fischer’s Hybrid 7.0 and Hybrid 8.0 skis are equipped with an on/off switch that changes the flex of these skis from regular camber to rocker mode for the best of both worlds—a versatile choice for skiers who spend mornings floating through champagne powder before hitting the groomers for high-speed turns.

Wireless communication has been around for a while, but Scott Ford at Cole Sport has never been too impressed with its on-hill capabilities—that is until this year. Drop a pair of UCLEAR HBC120 devices into the earpads of any snow helmet to  sync your mountain life to your digital life for a seamless, in-helmet communication system. This noise-cancelling speaker and mic combo eliminates windy background noise when making a phone call mid-run, while Wi-Fi capabilities stream crisp tunes straight to your noggin.

For the skier who insists on riding with a helmet cam, Marty Shattuck at All Sports Eyewear suggests checking out the Zeal iON goggles. These crystal-clear goggles include a built-in camera that shoots 1080p HD video and8 megapixel photos for vivid memories that won’t bore your friends to tears. Controlled by glove-friendly buttons and fine- tuned with an in- goggle viewfinder, the iON goggles captures up to three hours of continuous filming before needing to be recharged.

But even with built-in technology, Todd Fischer at Silver Star Ski & Sport is still seeing demand for the GoPro HD HERO2, the original makers of action sports helmet cams. The HERO2 has been updated with more user-friendly features and remains the top choice for skiers and snowboarders looking for their 15 minutes of fame.

Whether you choose to  wear your technology on the outside or prefer the stealth, integrated look of double- duty gadgetry, Park City’s ski and snowboard shops will have you covered from top to bottom.

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