Park City Community Foundation began 10 years ago and people sometimes still ask them, “What do you do?” The answer: Park City Community Foundation creates a wide community impact serving the local nonprofit community in a multitude of ways. The foundation’s overall grant making in 2017 was over $1.5 million, and Live PC Give PC has raised over $7.9 million since inception.

One direct form of support is through the annual Community Fund Grants, awarded in September 2017 to 30 local organizations. As an expression of Park City Community Foundation’s expert philanthropic advisory services, the grants accelerate the nonprofits’ success. These grants will provide legal services on immigration, help people find mental healthcare resources, build new hiking and equestrian trails in Oakley, provide preventive oral health practices for elementary school students and much more.

“The heartbeat of this town lies in our non-profits, who work to meet the community’s needs,” said Syd Reed, chair of the grants committee. “We are honored to support them in accomplishing their missions.”

Now in its ninth year, the Community Fund has granted over $1,000,000 to nonprofits that serve the greater Park City area. Grants committee members review community needs, conduct site visits, and analyze organizations’ financials to gain the community knowledge to make smart grants with big impact.

Every March and April, donors are invited to see their dollars at work during the Community Foundation’s annual site visits to local nonprofits. Each site visit lasts one hour, with the time divided between actively touring and experiencing the non-profit facility or program and a conversation about the impact that they are having on the community.

“We believe the site visits illuminate  our mission of creating an enduring philanthropic community to benefit all the people of Park City. This is why Park City Community Foundation exists. We bring donors, volunteers, nonprofits and all the people of our community together to make Park City a better place. Aft er 10 years of strong leadership, serving the needs of Park City and proven financial stewardship, our impact is constantly increasing.” —Katie Wright, Executive Director

Along with grants and site visits, Park City Community Foundation holds regular nonprofit roundtables and workshops, organizes the annual Live PC Give PC day of giving, helps donors decide where best to place their support and convenes broad coalitions around critical community issues. The Community Foundation continues to develop the financial and human resources needed to tackle even more of the community’s most complicated and pervasive issues.

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