Townshend’s Park City Teahouse offers a wide variety of teas and tea products; in fact, there are over 100 loose leaf teas. White, green, oolong, black, chai and herbal teas are available, as well as beverages made from tea like boba, a bubble tea made with real fruit concentrate and slow-cooked tapioca pearls, fruit or aloe tidbits. Townshend’s also brews and serves its own brand of kombucha — Brew Dr. Kombucha. They have teas offering herbal remedies for sore muscles, headaches and detoxing the body. There’s also teas to boost immune systems, relieve allergies and even clear up skin. “We love that our teas are not only delicious but also have healthy kickbacks too!”

“We love handcrafting delicious tea drinks and being part of someone’s day that is looked forward to—either for the beverage itself or the people it is shared with.”

“I wanted to create more than a place to sell tea,” explains owner Polly Rihm. “My goal was to create a special place in the community where people of all ages can get together, catch up and hangout while enjoying a tea, chai, bubble tea or pint of kombucha.”

Townshend’s Park City Teahouse – Now serving scones, muffins, quiche & chocolate protein bars.

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