From mountain modern to refined rustic—local designers are elevating interior design with a combination of natural elements and curated details. These five interior designers bring their own style and unique points of view to Park City. Here, they share with us fresh ideas for your home, insider tips, the latest trends, and products they love.

Anthea Hovden
Robert Kelly Home and Interior Design

Q: What design trend most excites you right now?
I love what is happening with wallpaper! There is a wide range in textures and patterns with a focus on natural materials like cross sections of wood and grass cloth. We just installed wallpaper over a fireplace and on the ceiling of a small bathroom and it created a fresh accent that was completely unexpected.

Q: What unique aspect do you like to add to your design projects?
We feature original fine art pieces by local artists and work with our clients to find the perfect solution for their homes. Our clients appreciate the quality of the artwork we carry from local artists such as Trenton Higley, Stewart Anstead and Bonnie Frucci. There is something special about bringing original art into a well curated environment that warms up a space and adds a unique detail.

Robert Kelly Home & Interior Design | 449 Main St, Park City, UT 84060 | 435-615-7125

Ann Olson
Park City Blind and Design

Q: What trends are you seeing that you feel your clients should consider for their home remodel or new build?
Creating a simple and clean look with their window treatments to allow the outside in. There is a shift away from dark and heavy drapes or blinds to lighter colors and airy fabrics. Refined textures and neutral fabrics are coming on strong, as are grass weave and organic weave materials. Even if you need blackout window coverings for bedrooms you can still get a lighter feel.

Q: What are some of the new innovations in window coverings that you are excited about?
There have been some major innovations in the last couple of years in the area of home automation systems. You can now control your window coverings remotely through an app on your phone or run your system through SIRI or ALEXA. New motorized systems can be integrated into any product even plantation shutters, roman shades and rollers. And we are excited to see that the prices have gone down quite a bit, making it accessible to the majority of our clients.

Park City Blind & Design
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Suzanne Geibel McCammon
Oohs & Aahs Furniture and Design

Q: What new trends are you seeing when designing kitchens and baths?
We are seeing a shift away from white’s and gray’s in millwork towards taupes and even a little color such as blues and oranges. Tiles are remaining neutral in color, but are taking on a whole new life with mixed mediums of glass, natural stone, and ceramics, creating movement and patterns that draw your eye through the use of iridescent and metallic details.

Q: What are some of the new products you are excited to share with your clients?
Tile is on such a hot track with product we have never seen before. Designs from around the globe that you would expect to find only in Istanbul, Turkey or in a Russian mansion are now readily available. This is creating a move away from mass-produced products made specifically for our market.

Fabrics have taken a huge leap also with high performance, technical fabrics like Crypton. When our clients insist on durability and kid-proof fabrics, we now have a great option to share with them in beautiful, light colors.

Q: What design details do you keep in mind when starting a design project?
When ordering furniture as a complete package it gives us the opportunity to really get the details right without looking like you walked into a department store and purchased an entire collection, which leaves a room lacking character and imagination. If we get the opportunity to pull an entire room together from beginning to end we can be sure to use enough variation in wood fi nishes, fabric textures, metals, stones, etc.

“The key is to not try to match everything but rather to let each individual piece complement the next individual piece. Let there be one or two wow factors in each space and have the rest of the items just compliment them.”

Oohs & Aahs Furniture and Design
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Park City, Utah 84060

Jenny Armstrong
Elevated Interiors

Q: You and your business partners purchased Mountain Timbers furnishings in Spring 2018 and rebranded as Elevated Interiors. What is the focus for your new store?
We are always looking for something unique that offers a wow-factor for our clients. We search for one-of-a-kind products and work to always off er exclusive lines. Although we have a great selection of mountain modern furnishings, we also offer a large selection of refined rustic styles as many of our clients from larger cities are still very interested in a true mountain feel. We also focus on bringing in a wide variety of unique accessories such as table lamps and pillows.

Q: What aspect of design do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy the process with the client and helping them to achieve their vision. Whether overseeing a home makeover, staging a new home, or planning all stages of design starting with blueprints—it is a very dynamic and creative process that evolves over the course of a project.

Q: What detail do you feel is often overlooked that you would love to see considered in remodels and new builds?
For years we have all been attached to stainless steel fixtures and although I do love the clean, no-fuss look, I would love to see more warm metals used.

Elevated Interiors | 6541 Landmark Drive, Suite A | Park City, Utah 84098 | 435-647-5880

Shayne Interiors
Hamilton Park Interiors

Q: What design trends and innovations are you excited about?
The trends I am seeing are ones that embody a more casual, organic vibe. There is beauty in the simplicity found in nature and it is something our designers care about and infuse into projects. The industry is more in tune than ever with fashion, how people really live, and an alignment with mother nature.

Q: What detail do you think is most overlooked when designing a home?
As you can imagine the details are a part of our process but I feel that the most important detail is to always bring in a designer to help you on your project. The reason for this is that we actually don’t want someone to notice a particular detail over another in an environment that we design with our clients, we want them instead to be awe-struck by the overall beauty of the space.

Q: What product or design trend would you like to see replaced in the homes you are working on?
The industry is really good at updating and keeping things fresh. I am seeing things refreshed on most styles about every two years. For instance, motifs including moose, deer, antlers and logs have been reinvented with cleaner simpler lines and a more casual mountain style. 

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By Pamela Beverly-Quigley