77When you’re ready to take on thrill-seeking fashionista status, be sure to take a look at this year’s Helmet Band-Its exclusive winter selections—all designed to take you effortlessly from slope to lodge, ski to shopping, day to evening and more.

Their impressive one-size-fits-all line of accessories includes a colorful palette of helmet bands that double as both a headband and a shawl collar complete with matching wrist cuffs for a chic après ski look both in the snow or for a fun night on the town.

Helmet Band-Its founder, Robin Dorman, has good reason to share her passion for helmet fashion and safety. After her own skiing accident in 2003, sustained without the aid of a helmet, Dorman decided to make wearing a helmet both more popular and stylish.

Proudly manufactured in the U.S., Helmet Band-Its uses only European faux and premium furs appealing to not only fashion-conscious women and teens, but to children as well. In Park City, be sure to look for Helmet Band-Its at Vida, Bjorn Stova, Cole Sport, and Stein Eriksen Ski Rentals, or visit helmetbandits.com.

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