By Julie Hooker

HyperHealO2, Park City’s newest healing modality is here.

HyperHealO2 is the only hyperbaric chamber in the Wasatch Back, and with active biking, skiing, snowboarding, and yoga communities, injuries can happen. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy shortens healing time.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is both effective and enjoyable. Under the direction of Dr. Tommy Love, certified medical professionals pump pure oxygen into
a chamber at a pressure higher than normal atmospheric pressure. The exposure of 100 percent oxygen at increased atmospheric pressure can heal damaged tissue and expedite healing time from both surgeries and injuries. Additionally, HyperHealO2 can be used for both preventative care and recovery. Using HyperHealO2 both before and after planned orthopedic and cosmetic surgeries speeds recovery time.

Studies have shown that this therapy has the potential to reduce the length of healing time after injury. Potential patients may have the following: brain
injuries caused by sports concussions, car accidents, or strokes; general sports injuries; decompression sickness; mountain sickness, and carbon monoxide poisoning. The reason hyperbaric oxygen therapy works so effectively is that it is based on the simple principle that oxygen is required for healing. When
the body receives oxygen into the tissues, recovery time is shortened and fewer complications arise.

Typically, treatments last between one and two hours. When receiving treatment, a patient rests in a “mono-place chamber.” This chamber only treats one patient at a time. The HyperHealO2 is the largest mono-place chamber.

It allows the patient to sit up or lie down at any time. The tube is completely see-through acrylic, eliminating the feeling of claustrophobia. Inside, the patient has the ability to communicate his/her needs in regard to temperature control. Also, patients can watch a movie during their treatment. Hyperbaric technicians stay and communicate with the patient for emotional reassurance.

As a long-term resident of Park City, Dr. Love wants to bring the best treatments possible to the community. “Park City is the center for surgery, both orthopedic and cosmetic; therefore, in addition to supporting our locals we support the world.”

In 1971, Dr. Love trained with the first pioneers to begin researching the clinical application of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. With his extensive history, study, and unique understanding he is the first to admit, “I still don’t think we know about all of the benefits from this procedure.” To that end, it is his intent that HyperHeal O2 will collect data on each patient as to diagnosis, treatment and outcome after hyperbaric treatment. The Western Institutional Review Board will oversee the protocols, collection of data, results and interpretation of the results.

Explains Dr. Love, “It has always been important to me to advance research with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. I want my legacy to be that I was able to advance the uses of this non-invasive and all-natural treatment process.”

As a graduate of the US Air Force Academy, Dr. Tommy Love specialized in hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Over his thirty-year career, Dr. Love has focused on the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and wound care. As a Park City resident, Dr. Love is bringing HyperHealO2 to the community to enhance Park City’s healthy lifestyle.

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