Park City’s Premier Entertainment Venue
Encourages Players to Take a Hint.

If the authors of Sherlock Holmes and Where’s Waldo? put their heads together, they might have created something similar to The Travel Room, the newest game offered at Escape Room Park City.

Located on lower Main Street in the Gateway Center building on the corner of Heber Avenue and Swede Alley, Escape Room is an interactive puzzle experience where a group of people work together to find hints, strategize and problem solve in order to escape the room.

Owners Dirk and Shirin Spangenberg opened Escape Room in the summer of 2016 with their flagship room, The Mine Trap. The activity was so well received, they recently opened a second room, The Travel Room. “We are thrilled so many locals and tourists have found Escape Room to be a challenging and entertaining activity,” noted Shirin.
“We’re excited to offer this new room, and have plans to offer even more scenarios soon.”

In their newest game, The Travel Room, players are faced with this situation: Your group is locked in travel agent Phil’s office and you have 45 minutes to deduce the clues and figure out where in the world Phil is vacationing. Escape and you may be eligible to enter a no-expenses-paid trip to join him.

Shirin says The Travel Room is very different than The Mine Trap and recommends a group size of 2-6 people. “It’s perfect for those who love to travel. You might leave the room expecting to have acquired a few more stamps on your passport!”

Before opening The Travel Room, Shirin and her husband traveled extensively to find just the right furnishings, including a Hawaiian kukui nut lei and a figurine of a Thai woman praying. “We don’t do easy, we do authentic,” she stated. “Our rooms are definitely challenging. People feel like they’ve really accomplished something when they are able to escape.”

With the popularity of both The Mine Trap and The Travel Room, Shirin and her husband are already working on a third room. The Parlor is opening soon and that scenario involves players trying to solve out a “who done it” mystery.

SOURCEAmy Roberts
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