Manage Your Wardrobe With Confidence

By Laura Jackson

In the spirit of spring, we asked our local fashion experts to give us their best game strategies for tackling the most dreaded task–cleaning out your closes. Yes, we said it, something we all put off, but desperately need to do. It’s just that we usually don’t know where to start. So it’s time to ante up–and we’ve found the perfect wardrobe advisors for the job.

Game Key

HOLD’EM: This refers to those items in your closets that are classics. These wardrobe essentials may have been around for a while, but it’s for good reason.

FOLD’EM: And I don’t mean at the back of your sock drawer where you’ll actually never see it again. I know all about that trick. Fold it and donate it.

DRAW: (Using your index and middle fingers, tap twice for effect and say, “Hit Me”). In poker, it’s when you decide to take the risk on a new card, in your wardrobe it’s finding that perfect new addition that not only complements your other staples, but provides a breath of fresh air and excitement.

HOLD’EM: Jeans of all shapes and colors. “With denim right now almost everything goes from flares, skinny jeans, boyfriends, colored jeans, cut-offs and more,” said Blaire Isleib of Flight.

FOLD’EM: “The only exception to the jeans rule is blingy embellished pockets. And the feathers extensions for your hair are done,” explains Flight’s Kristen Moss.

DRAW: Both Isleib and Moss agree, “Adding some pastel tones, as well as neon accessories are an excellent way to add refreshing color and life to your spring closet.”

HOLD’EM: Black basics. “You can never have too many great black pants. And you should have various shapes of black skirts from short and slim to long and flowy,” said Brenda Biljanic of BB’s.

“A classic black dress that fits perfectly can go anywhere with the right accessories,” said Luz Emma from Vida.

DRAW: “It’s easy to update with great color and that can be as simple as adding jewels or a scarf, great colored jeans or a bold colored tunic or tee,” said Biljanic.

Gina DiSera from Bella Forte emphasizes that when in doubt always, “Buy COLOR!”

HOLD’EM: Cashmere. Luz Emma from Vida recommends, “A cashmere sweater in a classic style is good to wear day or evening.” Mary Black of Hilda agrees, “The only thing a girl should keep in her wardrobe is quality cashmere. Park City has a climate for cashmere 12 months a year.”

FOLD’EM: Black strongly believes, “For the woman with a sense of style, she should get rid of everything her teenage daughter has talked her into buying. There are so many sophisticated, fashion-driven designs for women today, you don’t have to compromise quality or fashion to look hip and trendy.”

DiSera agrees, “Throw out last year’s trendy and any ‘this is too young for me’ clothing.”

HOLD’EM: “What you wear should be a reflection of your personal and professional image and personality,” said Maren Mullin of StyleMAR, providing personal shopping and closet organization expertise.

FOLD’EM: Mullin recommends, “Go with what works for your age and body type—just because it’s ‘on-trend’ doesn’t mean it’s right for you.”

DRAW: “For this spring, I would suggest that everyone add a skoatch of neon to their wardrobe. A bright yellow belt added to a striped shirtdress or camel pencil skirt will add a punch of contemporary style, and can still be office-appropriate,” said Mullin.

HOLD’EM: A Black Fitted Blazer. “Try one with a classic twist like white piping or gold buttons. It will last for years and can be worn over shift dresses, button downs or jeans,” said Lori Harris of Mary Jane’s. Flight’s fashionistas agree, “Keep blazers, they just won’t stop being the easy go-to item to finish off any outfit.”

FOLD’EM: Some excellent advice from Harris, “Anything that doesn’t fit you. Yes, we know that you will lose those 5 pounds this year, but isn’t it more fun to celebrate with a new outfit?”

DRAW: “Floral sheer tops in button down styles with attached scarves— these look great with anything you have in your closet, skinny denim and flats, over a shift or tank dress, or under a blazer,” said Harris.

HOLD’EM: Boots. “As long as they don’t look like your truck ran over them. Well-made cowboy boots will probably outlive you and being a cowgirl is not a requirement for wearing them,” explains Michelle Gibson of Destiny.

“Boots never go out of style—cowboy boots, riding boots, motorcycle boots. Keep them and wear them. Try them with shorter skirts, longer skirts, and of course your black leggings,” said Biljanic.

Katie Monroe of Cake Boutique recommends, “The booties you bought last fall. I love to pair booties with skirts and dresses for spring and summer as they balance out the outfit and keep it from looking overly girlie.”

FOLD’EM: “As much as I feel our attire should reflect who we are, resist the tendency to hang onto ‘old friends’. Get rid of those beat up comfy shoes— you may love them but the rest of us don’t understand your relationship with
them,” said Gibson.

“Anything that has you tugging, adjusting, or playing with all day. If you’re not feeling comfortable in your outfit, then you’re certainly not looking it!” said Monroe.

DRAW: Gibson advises, “Accessorize. I like to think of each of us as a canvas. Your attire for the day—the finished painting—is not complete until the last layer of detail is added. So don’t stop until you accessorize!”

Of course, as long as you’re in the game, it’s really not a win or lose proposition—it’s all about choosing the wardrobe that makes you feel like a million bucks.

Special Thanks:

BB’S Brenda Biljanic
DESTINY Michelle Gibson
FLIGHT Blaire Isleib, Kristen Moss
HILDA Mary Black
MARY JANE’S Lori Harris
STYLEMAR Maren Mullin
VIDA Luz Emma Holmes

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