Sitting on 50 acres in the Kamas Valley, Fetch provides kennel-free care for furry four-legged family members. With 5-acres of fenced-in land, a giant indoor play area and on-site residences, it is no wonder that for the past two years, Fetch was voted Park City’s Best for pet services.

Owned and operated by the Saylor family (PJ, Bob, Tori and Tony), Fetch offers the “full spectrum of dog services.” The dog tag featured on the F in their logo is a puzzle piece, the universal symbol for autism. Tori Saylor has spent over 10 years speaking publicly about living, working and thriving on the autistic spectrum.

Tori’s mom, PJ, explains, “Tori opened the door to animals for me. We always had a dog growing up, but Tori taught me about the language of animals. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have caught on.”

After volunteering and working with the SPCA, Tori worked in a veterinarian’s office. By being transparent and disclosing her challenges with autism, Tori turned the experience into a tremendous success. Tori was the employee that clients trusted with their furry family members and she would often bring home those that were struggling.

In the veterinarian office and with Fetch, Tori overcame the challenges of communicating one-to-one and in small groups. Now, Fetch works to hire exceptional individuals like Tori.

The entire Saylor family understands the importance of giving back to the community.

They are generous with their time and talent. FetchCares, the nonprofit arm of Fetch, fosters for Nuzzles and Co. FetchCares is committed to putting all of the puzzle pieces together for exceptional animals and exceptional people.

They provide high quality, kennel-free safe care for dogs and there is always a “senior center” on the property. Naturally, that senior center is located in the house where Bob and PJ live. Now, PJ nurtures and loves dogs with special needs—from puppies to seniors and every dog in between.

For the future, FetchCares hopes to combine Tori’s two passions: animals and supporting veterans with PTSD. They also plan to work with the Peace House, once dogs are allowed. Locals can help grow FetchCares to provide additional opportunities for both dogs and people. Consider how your time, talent and treasure can help build cabins on the property to house dogs and veterans. Since the dogs in FetchCares have special needs, sponsor one or two. 

Set up an appointment: 435.218.8375 fetchparkcity.com

by Julie Hooker