The silver story of Montana Silversmiths starts with world-renowned craftsmen who have perfected a combination of traditional designs and beautifully executed engraving styles. Taking inspiration from the spirit, drama and romance of the West, they create buckles, jewelry and lifestyle products.

Montana Silversmiths jewelry and buckles are often tied to special events and memorable moments. Each piece is created with a steadfast attention to the details, from the handcrafted tools that carve the first line in a masterful buckle to the artistic jewelry piece that can be worn and treasured for a lifetime.

Their three lines of fine jewelry create a distinguishable statement in style including necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. All are made in solid sterling silver from the bold and beautiful designs of Pure Montana pieces, to the contemporary designs of their Montaglia brand. For the romantic at heart, check out the Sterling Lane Collection, inspired by the romance of the West.

Their silver story can be yours with treasured pieces fashioned through authenticity and over 45 years of artistry. For that perfect gift of jewelry, buckles, gift s, and more check out Montana Silversmiths.

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