The art of cuisine is sacred

For many, the art of cuisine is sacred. The divine icons of this spiritual practice are ingredients which, when combined, become far greater than the sum of their parts. A new hallowed alter of adoration is Silver, a sophisticated and sleek restaurant at 508 Main Street in the heart of Park City.

Once inside the front door of Silver, you know you’re in for a dining experience unlike any other in Park City. Styled by New York designers, you immediately feel your high hopes met with metropolitan refinement and tastes. Clean, smooth lines combine with muted hues and contemporary fireplaces to create a space that is perfect for connecting with friends and enjoying an evening of unforgettable “food moments”.

In all likelihood, General Manager, Shawn Hyer—a consummate restaurateur—will greet you. Along with his highly trained staff, they will attend to your every need with hospitality, humor, and incredible expertise. After spending just a few minutes inside Silver, you’ll feel certain you are in for an awe-inspiring meal unlike any you’ve had in Park City.

Start with the Grilled Baby Octopus; breaded and fried calamari this is not. Tender, smoky, thumb-size octopi are served on a bed of roasted potatoes and salty, savory bits that combine into full-palette mouthfuls. Or try an order of Coriander Seared Ahi served with avocado crema and charred tomato salsa. Heavenly!

The Black Kale Caesar or Roasted Beet salads are both recommended. Hyer explains, “We massage our kale with lemon vinaigrette to remove any bitterness,” (it really works!) and top it with succulent, gourmet anchovies! Homage to the classic Caesar! Crushed pistachios and shaved fennel take the roasted beet salad to a whole new level of deliciousness.

Moving on to center-stage: the entrées. Executive Chef, Paul O’Conner and Shawn Hyer had visitations from culinary angels when they created this section of the menu. Cutting into the giant Robiola Procini Ravioli finds rich egg yolk escaping onto the plate. The yolk combines with the mushrooms, spinach and onions carmelized in sage butter to create a silky, rich, savory morsel. The Housemade Ricotta Gnocchi are feather-light pillows. Ingeniously tossed with a braised pork ragu they became an intensely satisfying memory of Mom’s Sunday dinner. Fall-off-the-bone tender Goose Leg Confit is accompanied by braised red cabbage that is authentically German. The saint of the menu is the Grilled Kurouta Pork Chop. Served with mustard smoked porter sauce and flash-grilled so it is just the right pink in the middle, this promises to be the pork chop by which you will judge all others. Moist, tangy, and smoky-sweet, it will bring tears to your eyes it is so unbelievably delicious. Hallelujah! What a meal!

The drinks and dessert menus have several must-tries. Hyer is an avid cocktail connoisseur, and his creativity is all over the bar menu. If you love tart, the Big Bully will be a favorite. The Gibbs Sip with its earthy rye whiskey and The Departed with smooth tequila and sweet flamed orange are unique to Silver. If you have room for dessert, the Warm Pear Fritter served with bleu cheese ice cream, (yes, you read that right—bleu cheese ice cream: amazing!), and the Myer Lemon Cheese Cake is rich, creamy and zesty.

The best part is that you can afford this! “The days of grabbing for every customer’s last dollar are gone,” said Hyer. “Eating is one experience we all share as human beings. At Silver, we want people to gather here often with family and friends, so we’ve kept our prices reasonable.”

A truly original and delectable dining experience at reasonable prices is almost too good to be true. But if you’re a worshiper of great dining experiences, Silver is what you’ve been searching for!

508 Main Street, Park City,, 435-940-1000.

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