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Whether you’re creating the perfect look for your indoor or outdoor spaces, it always comes down to the finishing details. Taking your home from average to spectacular means adding those extra architectural accents that will set it apart. Th e natural beauty of artistic metals provides a custom look that is both functional and uniquely yours.

Known for their creativity and attention to detail, RC Ornamental’s outstanding quality of work has been featured in several Park City Showcase of Homes tours. They recently worked on a stunning modern mountain masterpiece on Main Street, spotlighted on the annual tour. The home’s elegant mixture of wood and metal elements added both warmth and luster, as well as an appealing pairing of textures. “Another home we worked with on the tour included a custom metal bar top — perfect for the home’s sleek, modern style,” explains RC Shuflin, owner of RC Ornamental.

Both indoor and outdoor fireplaces are oft en focal points in our mountain climate, another place where custom metals shine. Purposely or not, gates and doors make an immediate statement about a home or business as they provide a guest’s first introduction. According to RC, “Custom metal work allows clients to design doors and gates that are not only beautiful and unique, but also functional and secure.”

Another advantage of metal is its versatility regarding style. Whether you’re building or renovating a more traditional or contemporary home, large or small, custom metal details can highlight your home’s distinctive architectural style, depicting qualities of strength and timelessness.

“It all depends on your specific needs,” explains RC, “We can fabricate directly from your plans, or help you design the perfect ornamental detail for your project.” The possibilities of custom metals are almost limitless, but some of their most common applications include mantles, custom range hoods, chimney caps, interior and exterior handrails for stairs and gates. Visit rcornamental.com.

By Laura Jackson


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