By Annette Velarde

Ever since Adam and Eve arrived on the planet the day after fish did, humans have been in search of the perfect way to prepare all the varieties of aquatic delicacies available to us. To that end, we enlisted four eminent Park City chefs to give us their take on what the perfect seafood dish is. As you’ll see, Seth Adams from Riverhorse on Main, Scott Boberek from Fletcher’s, Jordan Harvey from Zoom, and Christian Ojeda from the Montage Deer Valley took this assignment on with fervor.

Seth Adams, Chef of Riverhorse on Main, has become renowned in Utah for his signature menu items as well as his industry-revolutionizing creations like the one he originated for this project: Southwestern Seared Giant Scallops and Kauai Prawns. “Fresh ingredients are the colors I paint with, and I love to design new masterpieces from them,” said Adams. “For this dish, I laid down a foundation of roasted pumpkin seed pesto and dotted it with smoked tomato coulis. Next, I flash- flamed the scallops and shrimp so they retained their silky consistency, then topped them with roasted sweet corn and pine nut salsa.” Tucking in his fiery jalapeno flan gives each bite a wildly full palette of flavors. Chef Adams finished the plate with authentic southern hushpuppies and handmade candied lemon rind. The result is a plate that will be dreamt about long after the meal is over.

192aChef Scott Boberek, well known in Park City’s gastronomical circles, has brought all his passion and talent to bear at Fletcher’s restaurant. His partners, Steve and Sue Demarest are his biggest fans, as well as discriminating taste-testers for every item on the menu. They put their minds together and entered Peanut Crusted Salmon as their selection for the ultimate fish feast. “Our salmon comes from the pure icy waters of Norway and is unquestionably the highest quality in the world,” said Chef Scott. “I love food that is guileless, simple. It’s the only way you can deeply appreciate each and every flavor. Using an ingredient as succulent and fresh as our Shetland salmon, all I have to do is add clean complementary flavors to create an incomparable dish. For this, I’ve added only the richness of Thai peanut sauce and a touch of sweet chili to give it zing.” Fresh baked Chive and Cheddar Biscuits smeared with their signature Bacon Jam complete the meal that is overflowing with Boberek’s culinary genius.

193bFounded by Robert Redford as part of the Sundance family, Zoom has always been the Historic Main Street restaurant that could be counted on for innovation and leading the way in the latest epicurean trends. Executive Chef Jordan Harvey is the epitome of youth and avant- garde attitude. His twists on classics and fervor for contemporary tastes are sure to lead you to new dining adventures. “What I look for are food combinations that complement and balance one another,” said Harvey.

“I love fresh Alaskan halibut because it’s like a blank canvas that can be taken in so many different directions. Of all seafood, the firm, substantial texture of halibut makes it my personal favorite.” For this project, Jordan started with pan-searing a generous fillet of halibut, adding only a dusting of salt. He then created an earthy golden beet borscht heavily laced with lemon juice – the combination of sweet and tart bring out the mild flavors of the fish perfectly. Grape tomato confit adds splashes of color and zest while sautéed potato dumplings with fennel root complete the plate with satisfying wholesomeness.

193aThe Montage Deer Valley is known for its opulent excellence in all things. This is especially true of its signature restaurant, Apex. Their Chef de Cuisine, Christian Ojeda, has been sought after by fine dining rooms the world over, but has chosen Montage Deer Valley to be the place where he fully expresses his gourmet mastery. “I always prefer ingredients that come from nearby sources so I can personally meet and collaborate with the producer,” said Ojeda. “I believe our Seared Utah Trout is unrivaled as the perfect fresh-catch dish. Our trout is brought to us daily from the high-mountain waters of Utah, so it is at the peak of freshness and flavor.” Ojeda sears in the juices of the generous fillet, adding only simple seasonings to bring out the delicate undertones. Set atop roasted Yukon Gold potatoes, Broccolini, Creminelli Calabrese and herb beurre blanc sauce, this plate is bursting with enticing flavors that combine to create an entirely satisfying and elegant meal.

Only you can determine which of these wonderful seafood dishes is the “Best.” All are heavenly examples of the culinary heights fish can reach. Be sure to check out the recipes for these and other fish dishes by CLICKING HERE!

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