Avid anglers flock to Park City in spring and summer to match wits with wily trout on the nearby Provo and Weber rivers and other, smaller streams in the area. A plethora of fishing guides are eager to please. Google “Park City fishing guides” and you’ll get pages.

Seasoned guides usually have favorite, go-to flies when the fishing gets tough, though most keep them secret. Guides at Trout Bum 2 and Jans Mountain Outfitters have been at it longer than most. In recent interviews, two of them graciously shared their summer secrets.

Alex Wray is a veteran guide at Trout Bum 2. “My favorite summer fly on the Provo River is a Royal Stimi [stimulator] in a size 16 or 18. It’s easy to see on the water and looks like a lot of different insects. It’s especially good for beginners because they can see the fish take the fly.”

Travis Vernon, an 18- year veteran guide at Jans Mountain Outfitters, is generous with his recommendations. “On the Weber River my favorite fly is a size 18 unweighted Prince Nymph. On the Provo River it all depends on the hatch. But my absolute favorite dry fly is a size 12 or 14 cicada pattern. When a fish takes it, you know it!”

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