By Annette Velarde

45aThe Lower Provo River is one of Utah’s best fly fishing streams, but especially so during the winter months. Flowing from Deer Creek Reservoir through the geologically spectacular walls
of the Provo Canyon, this section of the river is considered one of the best wild brown and rainbow trout habitats in the state.

Nymph fishing is good year- round, especially in the cooler months when insect hatches are scarce. Since sowbugs make up the majority of a fish’s diet, it’s the sure bet for your fly choice. Dry fly fishing is also excellent with midges and blue winged olives being the most common hatch. Streamers have been known to capture some of the largest fish using these flies.

The seven-mile Blue Ribbon section located from the Olmstead Diversion Dam up to Deer Creek Dam is the most popular. Anglers are allowed to keep up to two brown trout under fifteen inches. For those wanting to get away from the crowd, a walk downstream from Olmstead promises some great pocket water and large numbers of brown trout. This section allows artificial flies and lures only, but is a memorable casting area.

Take a day away from the crowds and commotion at the ski resorts and spend it in a snow-covered wilderness with the tranquil sound of a stream in your ears. When you return home, calmed and awed by nature’s beauty, you’ll be glad you did.

Expert fly-fishing advice offered by Chad Jaques, owner of Trout Bum II,

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