Personal care is a booming industry as everyone seeks flawless skin and healthy hair. Th e skincare market alone, which consists of hand care, facial care, and body care, is worth an estimated $121 billion. According to Nutrition Business Journal, the organic personal care industry is worth a whopping $9.6 billion, with the growth rate for natural skincare products alone growing faster than the overall market.

Natural beauty products are increasing in popularity amongst men and women looking for a more environmentally friendly way to keep their skin and hair looking and feeling healthy. Sustainable products not only provide chemical-free options but can also be far more effective than traditional products. Organic products are becoming more common in the general marketplace as consumers seek out everything from additive-free shampoos and conditioners  to chemical-free lip balms in an attempt to protect their bodies and our planet. In Utah alone, numerous proudly organic beauty product manufacturers are joining the fight against harmful chemicals in personal care products.

ADVANTAGES OF USING NATURAL BEAUTY PRODUCTS Organic products are not only good for your skin but for the environment as well. Without any artificial colors, harmful chemicals and other byproducts, they are a lot less likely to cause any skin or general irritation. Unlike traditional products that contain chemicals to artificially fragrance your beauty products, organic products have a pleasant, natural smell and are generally scented with essential oils. Natural and organic beauty and health products have been utilized for centuries and are all that is required by the body to remain healthy. These products not only promote a healthy lifestyle, but they do not rely on animal testing to gauge their effects either. Utah-based Salis Skincare off ers an exciting range of truly organic skin and hair products.

While ‘Natural’, ‘Nontoxic’ and even ‘Environmentally Friendly’ on the label of your makeup, shampoo and deodorant may make you believe that you are using a healthy, sustainable product, you could be very wrong. Th e FDA does not review personal care ingredients and cosmetic ingredients before they hit the shelves. Many manufacturers routinely engage in greenwashing which entails misleading consumers by using vague and even false claims pertaining to the eco and health benefits of their products.

Derived from crude oil, these ingredients form a barrier over the skin, essentially suffocating it. Th e skin is the body’s biggest organ and oft en assists other overworked organs in the detoxification process. When petroleum products are introduced into the skin they can severely hinder the body’s detox abilities. Th ese products have also been linked to premature aging and have been noted as a possible carcinogen. When reading product labels on your shampoo, soap, deodorant, sunblock, and moisturizers, look out for terms such as paraffin oil, paraffin wax, petrolatum, mineral oil, propylene glycol and PVP.

By making a conscious choice to only use organic personal care products and cosmetics, you not only protect your body from the effects of harmful chemicals but also significantly contribute towards saving our environment. The world we live in is faced with enough hardships, including destroying Mother Nature at a rapid rate. It is up to us to minimize the way in which we negatively impact the world, ensuring that there will be a world for future generations to enjoy.

SOURCEJenny Boyle
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