Pastures rolling beneath the majestic setting of Mt. Timpanogas will capture diners as they walk through the front door of the new Back 40 Ranch House Grill. There is a green-roofed barn across the pastures to the left. This is where Gary Wohlfarth gets all of his meat. This is what farm-to-table is really about.

293bGary Wohlfarth has been around the restaurant industry in Utah for a long time. Cisero’s of Main Street, Talisker and Red Tail restaurants are just a few of his previous workplaces. But he was always working for someone else. “I always ran the places I worked like I owned it – and now I do!” Wohlfarth says with enthusiasm shining in his eyes. And it’s more than just him – this is a family deal. With a wife who has been a part of the restaurant industry as long as he has plus three little girls who love all foods, Wohlfarth says they look forward to sharing their passion for good, wholesome, from-the-farm fare that they cook and love.

After acquiring the building in May of this year, Wohlfarth put his skills in construction right to work, tearing apart the old bar that used to stand there while saving as much as he could. Tables are made from old doors, most of the floor is original or from the first reconstruction of the local high school down the road.

The menu will have staples and seasonal fare from local farms. Product knowledge is very important to Wohlfarth and his family.

The restaurant will seat around 50 customers with an additional 18 stools at the bar. When the season is right, an additional 45 seats will be available on the deck outside with its breathtaking view.

Diners can enjoy genuine farm-to-table at the Back 40 starting this November.
1223 North Hwy 40, Heber, Utah | 435-654-3070

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