Whether you’re slaving over a hot grill, lounging by the pool or sipping in the shade on the patio with friends, what better way to chill out than by mixing it up with mojitos, martinis, and other frosty adult “cool-aids”. Th is summer’s cocktails are the instant mood makeovers and cool down you need when the temperatures are rising. Park City has plenty of mixologists in town that are always experimenting and competing in the annual cocktail contest—we asked some of them to share their recipes for their favorite game-changing summer drinks.

Butcher’s Chop House off ers plenty of signature cocktails to suit any taste. The Washington Pear’s Grey Goose La Poire, apple pucker and pineapple over ice is a perfect chiller. “The Rum Rusher Martini,” a tropical blend of Malibu Coconut, Malibu Mango, Malibu Pineapple, orange juice and grenadine will give you visions of palm trees and sandy white beaches, and “The Miracle,” a blend of Milagro silver tequila, estate agave nectar, orange liqueur, fresh lime juice and orange juice over ice, might make you start believing in the magic of summer nights.

Mixologist Chris Panarelli of O.P. Rockwell has developed a unique, handcraft ed, bottled Negroni, a “cool twist on a classic cocktail,” he says. He begins the gin-based cocktail with Campari and sweet vermouth, adds sugar and water, then carbonates each bottle and serves it with a straw, or in a glass with an orange peel, enhancing the fl avor. “It’s a little bitter, slightly sweet with juniper notes from the gin.” Th e taste is sweeter, more lengthened and not as overpowering as the traditional cocktail. It’s something fun and diff erent for his customers while they listen to great music at O.P. Rockwell, and he’s got it ready just in time for “Negroni Week” in June.

At the Spur Bar and Grill there is some serious inSPURation going on behind the bar with a summer cocktail list that features a local Utah spirit in every glass. Th ese cocktails scream summer and invite you to kick up your boots and relax. Th e “Alpine Grill” is a fresh combination of Park City’s own Alpine Lafayette Bourbon, Alpine Preserve Liquor, grilled lime juice topped with soda water. Th e Peach Spurllini is a play on the classic bellini with sparkling wine, Alpine Preserve Liquor, peach liquor, peach ginger beer and lime juice; this drink is everything summer is supposed to be in a pint glass. Th e “Persistent Kick” will help you kick the heat on a hot summer day with Alpine Persistent Vodka, Canton Ginger Liquor, with muddled jalepeno and cucumber. For the perfect drink to enjoy on the patio with a friend on a cool summer night try the “Mo-Mojito” which combines Brigham Rum, Coconut Rum, muddled watermelon, crushed mint and fresh lime with a spritz of lemon lime soda.

Get your summer started early with a bit of the bubbly and tickle your senses while wetting your whistle with one of these refreshing drinks.

By Corinne Humphrey

SOURCECorinne Humphrey
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