From OLYMPIANS to WEEKEND WARRIORS, the hospital is where athletes go to excel

In a town where Olympic dreams are a birthright, and gold medals are as common as February snowfall, it can be easy to overlook the hard work that goes into a victorious podium stand. Th e question of, How did they get there? is often over-looked by the speculation of Who will be it next?

The real story is found in the details of the “how”. For many Olympic hopefuls, their journey begins in an unlikely place—a hospital. “At Park City Hospital, we off er state-of-the-art equipment and testing for athletes of all ages and abilities,” says sport medicine physician Dr. Max Testa. “An 8th grade football player trains differently than a varsity volleyball player with Division I dreams, or an elite athlete eyeing a second Olympics. Since every athlete has individual needs and goals, their training program should be customized for them.”

Dr. Testa and his team evaluate each athlete, taking into consideration age, gender, sport and performance goals to help him or her get faster, stronger and stay injury free. It’s a service that has transitioned from luxury to necessity for many athletes.

“Sports performance training is essential for athletes who want to excel. It is not enough to just be talented anymore. Athletes must be strong, fast and powerful to get ahead of the competition. Even if that competition is just last year’s PR,” added Dr. Testa. “For example, anyone can suggest an athlete should ‘eat better,’ but our testing goes far deeper. I’ll look at an individual’s lab results, while our nutritionists examine the athlete’s daily eating habits, and an exercise physiologist considers the client’s goals. Together we create a customized nutrition plan based on bloodwork, body composition and lifestyle habits to help our clients reach their goals.”

The program’s state-of-the-art equipment, including a high speed treadmill, force plate testing, computer motion analysis, and vertical jump training are designed to help athletes increase their speed, power, endurance, overall performance, and of course, achieve their gold medal dreams.