41aAsym Energy Boost® Adidas Golf Shoe
Depending on whether you’re right or left handed, your front foot plays an entirely different role than your back foot when swinging a club. And now, after exhaustive research, design and development, there are golf shoes that take into consideration each foot’s individual needs. Adidas’ Asym Energy Boost® Golf Shoes are designed to provide your feet with the exact amount of stability and grip needed for your best swing ever.
$300 at GolfTEC

41bBig Bertha Alpha 815® Double Black Diamond Drivers
The distinctive feature of these low-spin, forgiving drivers is Callaway’s ‘Gravity Core’ technology. It allows golfers the ability to adjust the driver’s center of gravity lower or higher in the club head, draw or fade bias, face angle, and loft independently of each other. Made for extreme distance, these drivers give you a better shot at a better shot. From $499, at GolfTEC.

41cFLY-Z® Fairway Woods
With a tour-inspired compact head design, Cobra’s Fly-Z+® Fairway Woods allow you to send your ball sailing to maximum distance with accuracy and control. You can also stretch your distance even further with eight adjustable loft settings as well as maintain ball speed even on missed hits. Take your hits to a new level with FLY-Z® Fairway Woods.From $249, available at GolfTEC.

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