Since 2011, Utah’s Utopian Luxury Vacation Homes has been striving to find and provide the premier luxury vacation rentals in world-class destinations. They are committed to offering an exceptional selection of luxury residences and unparalleled personal service—to guests and homeowners. Their focus is on delivering memorable vacations to luxury-minded couples, families and/or groups from around the world. With its large complement of dedicated professionals, Utopian LVH is there to handle every aspect of your next vacation.

How is Utopian Luxury Vacation Homes different from other rental listing platforms?

“Both our homes and customer service are held to the highest of standards. Unlike the multinational corporations in the marketplace with their automated responses and robot-operators, we are dedicated to going above and beyond to bring the best in personalized customer service and relationships. For travelers who depend on experts to reduce complexity and ensure service-rich experiences, Utopian LVH provides highly-personalized experiences that go beyond what 5-star hotels can provide. We are tireless in our pursuit of providing customized travel experiences using the resources and relationships of our Private Concierges. We promise there will always be a smiling, happy-to-help member of our team whenever the need may arise!”

How is this accomplished?

“Guests are immediately assigned a personal concierge upon booking, available to help take care of your every need—to make sure you spend less energy worrying and planning your trip, and more time enjoying your vacation! Our Private Concierges will also assist you with your adventure and scheduling needs prior to arrival, pre-arranging any personal preferences for a completely, worry-free experience including activity and restaurant recommendations/reservations, transportation, in-home private chefs, grocery delivery, childcare and much more.”

Can you share a few “above and beyond” customer experiences?

“A musician left his guitar behind so one of our staff members flew directly to Atlanta to return it. Another musician stayed with us during Sundance last year and the concierge made sure to deliver coffee every morning of her stay. Another time a bag was left behind and immediately fl own to Vancouver by our CEO. Our team also fulfills last minute grocery runs, wine/beer deliveries, and runs to Salt Lake City to pick up gift s or purchases from KSL.”

And this high-level of service is not just for guests, but client homeowners as well?

“For property owners, Utopian LVH takes the extra steps to ensure all the details are handled. Whether you need assistance in optimizing revenue, marketing your home or updating your décor —our team can do it all. By offering a full-service experience, Utopian will work with you to serve your individual needs and go the extra mile to elevate your home to its fullest potential.”

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