By Stephanie Nitsch

49In 2012, the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) recognized Park City as the world’s only Gold Level Ride Center — a prestigious nod to Park City’s elaborate trail infrastructure, accessibility and amenities catering to mountain bikers — and it remains the sole destination to bear the title. But it’s not just the precious medal that gives these trails their golden flair.

Unfold a local trail map, and roughly 400 miles of zigs and zags will pop out on the page, many of which funnel straight into the valleys and basins surrounding Park City. Cross-country, freeride and downhill trails wind through emerald aspen groves and Douglas firs, occasionally interspersed with high-desert scrub oak and sagebrush on sun-exposed slopes. And with an elaborate trail system, free bike-friendly public transportation and lift-served riding at Canyons, Park City and Deer Valley Resorts, Park City has made it easy to access trailheads without a car. It’s a smorgasbord of options for any level or style of rider.

Unfold a local trail map, and roughly 400 miles of zigs and zags will pop out on the page.

Continuous trail work from local organizations like Mountain Trails Foundation and Basin Recreation ensure sustainable upkeep on existing trails while providing resources to build new ones. Marquee singletrack routes like Crest, Pinecone and Mid-Mountain trails are well trodden for a reason, offering up a sample of Park City’s signature dirt and views. The popularity of double-digit mileage and stellar landscapes has inspired new development of additional trails, like the ambitious Wasatch Over Wasatch WOW trail, a 21.5-mile route that, upon completion, will link Park City to neighboring Wasatch Mountain State Park in Midway.

WASATCH OVER WASATCH TRAIL: 21.5 miles of new trail linking Park City to Midway.

While the trail choices in Park City are virtually endless, summer is not. Grab a Mountain Trails map from any local bike shop and start exploring Park City’s favorite summer summer sport. Interactive trail maps also available at

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