Imagine being able to enjoy fresh tomatoes, carrots, beets—all your summer favorites—from your garden or the Farmers’ Market all year long.

Canned and processed foods have many nutritional flaws, but freeze-dried foods preserve taste, color and nutritional value. By freeze-drying anything from left overs to fruits and vegetables, you can preserve healthy meals and snacks. Home freeze-dried food is customizable to your taste, cost-efficient, and doesn’t require a complicated rotation schedule. The freeze-drying process is compatible with any special diet or nutritional needs, from vegetarian to vegan to gluten-free. Amazingly, this food can last up to 25 years.

Harvest Right’s home freeze dryer was created for everyone from busy families to renowned chefs. With work, soccer games, and violin lessons competing for limited time, freeze drying is a great option for families who want to eat healthy and deliciously. Freeze-dried meals are perfect for on-the-go lunches and quick dinners because they can be ready in less than five minutes. Just add water, heat in the microwave, and enjoy.

Chef Sharon Woolsey explains why the freeze dryer is also the perfect tool for chefs, “Of all the interesting and innovative appliances I’ve worked with, this was possibly the most amazing, the most interesting and the most innovative. Aft er freeze drying my produce or even my favorite coconut yogurt, I can easily powder it and use it to naturally flavor frostings, chocolate truffles, pancake batters or even smoothies.”

From healthy snacks, delicious baked goods and full meals to preserving the bounty from a summer garden, freeze-dried food can be a smart investment for food storage and a sustainable option for busy families looking to cut down on waste.

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