If you’re going to tip your hat, it’s best to do so in personalized style. That’s the philosophy of Burns Cowboy Shop, the oldest same family-owned Western retail business in the world. For almost 150 years, Burns has prided itself in using the highest quality material to create heirloom quality products.

Today’s fifth and sixth generation owners seek to honor the family legacy by continuing to craft products for everyone, from ranch hands to Beverly Hills high rollers. Their custom hats, made in Salina, Utah, cater to those drawn to the spirit of the West.

“Th e cowboy hat is a necessary piece of equipment for all working cowboys. It protects them from the elements, both harsh sun and pelting rain and snow, as they work long days on the ranch. Cowboy hats still serve this purpose for many of our clients, but recently have become one of our most iconic accessories for clients wanting to embrace their inner cowboy. We actually created a line of distressed hats that resemble those of the rancher, dirty and worn,” says Burns’ sixth generation owner and master hatter, Braydan Shaw.

While Shaw has an endless selection of hat bodies, in a variety of colors and plenty of ideas to personalize each hat, he still loves a challenge. “We not only customize the shape of your hat, but off er a unique selection of trims. We shop for ribbon and embellishments in San Francisco to ensure we always have something for everyone. Vintage feathers are a favorite. We love working with old harness leather too and make hat bands out of this in our leather shop in Salina, Utah. Recently, we made a fire engine red hat with a sterling silver hat band for one of our clients.

The hat looked great and when she put it on her head, she exuded confidence. I’ve done hats in bright purple, gold, mint green, and navy blue to name a few. Th ese inevitably become some of my favorite hats.”

Located on historic Main Street, Burns Cowboy Shop has quickly become known as a must-see shop with its museum-quality wearable works of western art, appealing to everyone from genuine cowboys to Manhattan socialites.

“If you haven’t noticed, hats are everywhere lately. Th e infl ux of hats in mainstream fashion has inspired us to create a dress hat line. Th is has been such a fun project and has really had our team of master hatters thinking outside the box. Burns Custom Hats really are for everyone now, whether you live in a high-rise in New York City or on a ranch in Colorado,” says Shaw.

In addition to their custom hats, Burns Cowboy Shop off ers just about everything for horse and rider. From cowboy boots to heirloom quality saddles, at Burns you can fi nd everything you need to ride off into the sunset, except of course, a horse.

Visit Burns Cowboy Shop at 363 Main Street in Park City or burns1876.com.

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