LiVe Well Center – Park City

By Amy Roberts

10720s: “Don’t smoke or use tobacco products. It’s also important to develop healthy eating
habits now to help you avoid becoming overweight as you age,” Dr. Woodward says. He also recommends learning your risk for diseases that might run in your family. “A Healthy Lifestyle Evaluation at LiVe Well Center can help you assess your genetic risks and educate you on how to overcome them through lifestyle choices.”

30s: “This is often the busiest, most stressful, decade of your life. People get married, have kids,
and careers evolve. All those changes can be overwhelming. I recommend learning stress reduction techniques like mindfulness meditation to find balance.” LiVe Well Center’s
lifestyle coaches offer a variety of stress reduction classes.

40s: “As you kick off the second half of life, it’s important to reassess your overall plan for healthy aging. A lifestyle consultation at LiVe Well Center can help. It’s also important to get screened for metabolic and hormonal changes and inflammatory diseases that often emerge around this time.”

106a50s: “Get recommended cancer screenings and know your body composition; a simple assessment in our Bod Pod will give you the most accurate information. And an exercise prescription with one of LiVe Well Center’s exercise physiologists will help you incorporate activities to lessen your likelihood of injury.”

60s and beyond: “Refine your physical activity to maintain muscle mass and seek activities that improve balance and flexibility. I also recommend dietary and other lifestyle changes to help improve any chronic conditions.”
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