Dr. Ron T. Dummar, Community Health and Wellness
Dr Ron Dummar, Community Health and WellnessWe all want the most out of life. Among our efforts in getting what we want includes finding a loving partner, having a meaningful career, acquiring sufficient resources to have enough leisure time
to pursue our interests, and great health. At the root of all our pursuits is the desire to be happy, well and free. Striving for a balanced system is the most important foundation we can create. As many know, “health is the first wealth.”

Modern day health care has conditioned us into believing that health comes in a simple pill, giving many the false pretense that health is only a discovery away. I can assure you, no matter how great a discovery is and no matter how many exotic plants are revealed, the secret to health is the same as it has always been: true health requires consistent work over time. The following
three health-conscious tips will assist you in developing your proactive health- filled life.

Eat Local and Organic Our ready-made pre-packaged food society is causing many people to lose their palate for natural foods. Choosing organic and locally grown foods will supply your body with the essential vitamins, minerals, and probiotic cultures needed to improve your immune function and reduce your chance of illness.

Integrate Symmetry and Balance Symmetry and balance are two crucial building blocks for any healthy physique. Our bodies are made of a series of pulleys and levers. As with any pulley or lever system, orientation of fulcrum and cable will impact overall lifting capacity irrespective of component strength. A focus on balance and symmetry in your daily activities will allow for proper strength. A personal favorite I suggest for all my patient’s is to perform a proper squat. The ability to perform a proper squat will reduce back problems and hip fractures—two of the most devastating injuries as we age. Your chiropractic physician can evaluate you for balance and symmetry, prescribe exercises to correct postural faults and enable your body to increase performance with less output.

Set Goals and Reduce Stress Make a list of things you want to be able to do consistently as you age. Goal-setting, with the purpose in mind of learning new skills, embracing challenges, or engaging in different activities provides the brain and body with stimuli, while boosting self-confidence and personal achievement.
Equally important is taking time out for yourself. Stress has been implicated as the root of modern disease. Implementing the practice of tai chi, yoga, meditation or acupuncture into your regimen are ways to create ease within the body and reduce stress after a taxing day.

We must recognize that achieving health is more than just popping a pill or investing in the latest technology. It requires consistent effort and results that are well worth your while. Implementing organic nutrition, symmetry and balance in your daily life, and reducing your stress will ensure steps towards a healthy life. We must apply consistent effort to the things we want. And the pursuit of health—in body, mind, and spirit—is an effort worth working for.

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