Staying Healthy from Day-to-Day

As we know, the day-to-day choices we all make influence our individual and collective futures. Staying healthy, via regular checkups, hitting the gym and being mindful of the food we put into our bodies, generate three important avenues that help secure a healthy future for ourselves and our posterity.

Even though Park City is a relatively small community, our town offers multiple options for world class healthcare. This includes the Park City Hospital with numerous instacare clinics, private concierge practices, dentists, general surgical services and orthopedic and trauma surgical services. For those looking for preventative medicine, Park City offers multiple naturopathic doctors and acupuncturists, physicians practicing Eastern medicine and sports medicine facilities—including the LiVe Well Center on Round Valley Drive. Furthermore, with the high cost of insurance in today’s world, many community members are left without access to medical care. Under the direction of Dr. John Hanrahan with the People’s Health Clinic, Park City offers residents without medical insurance the opportunity to receive free medical care.

Mindful eating is a hot topic in today’s bustling world of food on the go! Understanding what we are eating, and the sustenance we need to thrive and survive, is critical to our future health. Fairweather Natural Foods is a great place to shop for healthy groceries; but the most important part is being cognizant of the food that is being placed into our bodies.

Staying mentally and physically fit is the desire of most people. Studies show that exercise is as good for the mind as it is for the body. Park City has a vast array of options to help keep your mind and body in tip-top condition. One can find boxing classes, spin classes, zumba workouts, boot camps, circuit training, plyometrics, and every style of yoga known to man! So, show up to class and let your mind and body do the talking.

Here are some healthy options we would like to highlight:

Old Colby School

Helping people become the best versions of themselves is the goal of Studio Pilates Park City. They believe that every body was designed to feel good and that yours is no exception. Located at the Old Colby School at the base of the Canyons Village, Studio Pilates is powered by a brilliant team of movement practitioners, specializing in Pilates, physical therapy, yoga, and fitness training. Studio Pilates is committed to providing personalized attention through intelligent teaching and each instructor hosts ample professional experience. The studio offers a wide arrange of group reformer classes, as well as one-on-one Pilates, physical therapy, and yoga instruction. With the recent addition of physical therapy to the studio, Brooke Benton, the Studio Manager, says she has found that “blend of Pilates and physical therapy creates a well-rounded athlete that allows our clients to live a strong and happy life.” Studio Pilates’ holistic approach at physical therapy includes: manual therapy, dry needling, oov training, neural mobilization and bio-mechanical analysis, with clients benefiting greatly from the one-on-one hour-long treatments.

2/20 Rasmussen Rd

Rise Boxing, insists that you leave your stereotypes at the door as the company uses both your mind and body to help build a “superior you.” Th e company believes that working out should be fun, while also challenging you, teaching you and ultimately, changing you. Their classes are open to all abilities with no boxing experience necessary. One can expect high-intensity, fast-paced classes that teach you boxing techniques through a whole body workout. Additionally, the company believes that kids should see adults doing the same activities they do and that children thrive when witnessing such. Therefore, Rise Boxing offers kids classes and a monthly family class!

1912 Sidewinder Dr

Enlighten Wellness embraces the mission of unitingthe mind, body, and soul of all people. To meet the needs of the Park City community, the company offers small group fitness classes as well as private training. Their focus is on creating a positive environment, free from the intimidating pressures often found in large groups and facilities. Their most popular classes are the 60 minute Hot Yoga Flow and Vinyasa Flow. They also offer hatha yoga, yin yoga and a multitude of spin classes to get your heart pumping. Additionally, Enlighten Wellness offers Backcountry Yoga, a class where clients can “find their zen” in the serenity of nature.

1901 Prospector Avenue

Burg Children’s Dentistry, is packed with “all things superhero” to keep your tots entertained, or should we say distracted at the dentist! This company creates the best of two worlds, a place where parents can eliminate unnecessary stress, while children can receive their oral health exams. Burg Children’s Dentistry understands the challenge of dentist visits and goes out of their way to make your child feel comfortable. They will cheer, encourage and support your child from start to finish. Who knows—maybe your child will be begging you to take them back?

Even though Park City is a relatively small community, our town offers multiple options for world-class healthcare.