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You’ve just gotten off the phone with your brothers and sisters, and you’ve been given the daunting task of planning the family reunion next summer. Being placed in a role that could potentially be remembered as the best family reunion ever, or the one that everyone is trying to forget, is stressful. Relax, head to Utah’s ultimate family destination – Heber Valley.

Heber Valley really is the perfect place to hold a family reunion. Located within an hour of Salt Lake City International Airport, and just minutes from Park City, Heber Valley is right in that sweet spot to gather the family, in a setting they won’t want to leave.

It has just the right balance of amenities to satisfy the youngest nieces and nephews to the most adventurous aunts and uncles. Surrounded by the Wasatch Range, Heber Valley boasts three state parks, clean mountain air, miles of trails, rivers and lakes to play in, hot springs, a historic railroad, zip lining and the list goes on.

Heber Valley has comfortable, yet private accommodations that allow you to be together without having to share the same bathroom sink. From private lodges that sleep between 45 and 60 people to resorts with family-style rooms featuring full kitchens, swimming, pools, tennis courts, volleyball, and even miniature golf, you’ll be able to find something that is just right for your family.

Now is your chance to experience Utah’s ideal family destination by entering to win the Ultimate Family Reunion Giveaway in Heber Valley. Heber Valley Tourism has partnered with many local outfitters and lodging partners to off er a free family reunion for up to 30 guests. Th e reunion will include lodging, a chuck wagon dinner, a private show featuring music from the Old West, a trip aboard the Heber Valley Railroad and soaking in the Homestead Crater.

To top it off , you’ll even get to learn more about your lineage with either an AncestryDNA Discovery from or a private session at the Family History Library at Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake. Finding out your family roots will definitely be one of the highlights of your family reunion.

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