The Best Places for Steak in Park City
By Annette Velarde

All meat dishes are judged by one gold standard: the perfect steak. The benchmark is always set by one steak that is fixed in your memory as the most impeccably aged, marinated, grilled and seasoned slice of culinary perfection ever to hit your taste buds. We surveyed Park City’s most successful steakhouses to learn which of their menu offerings were their own ideas of the perfect steak.

176BUTCHER’S CHOP HOUSE chose their 32-ounce Porterhouse. Two steaks in one, the Porterhouse is a cut that includes both a Filet Mignon and New York Strip. It’s big, it’s iconic, and it’s delicious. This is an especially fine cut of beef, and Butcher’s serves only top- grade Black Angus. All the juices and delicate seasoning are spooned over it just prior to serving, ensuring that every savory mouthful is memorable. Aged and seasoned to perfection, this Porterhouse has been a locals’ favorite for years. House-specialty sides of bacon Brussels sprouts and jalapeno mac and cheese create a plate.

176bRUTH’S CHRIS STEAK HOUSE, located inside Hotel Park City, named their Cowboy Ribeye with Blue Cheese Crust as their hands-down favorite. This 22-ounce, bone-in and well-marbled cut is wet-aged for 24 days, then sizzled in their 1800-degree broiler until the Stella blue cheese, panko break crumbs and garlic puree are bubbly on the inside and crispy on the outside. This melt- in-your-mouth delicious cut is from the center of Prime Rib Roast, so it is tender and juicy beyond belief, with just the right combination of rich steak and mellow prime rib flavor. Ruth Chris’s signature Sweet Potato Casserole is the perfect side to this full-bodied, mouth- watering steak.

PRIME STEAK HOUSE has a menu only the finest Midwestern custom-aged packed with mouth-watering selections, beef, broiled to your specifications to but take special note of the items seal in all the juices and full flavor. They marked Signature. Their Signature Filet season with only kosher salt and pepper, glazed with rich Béarnaise sauce is with a light finishing of butter. Prime’s topped with Bluefin crabmeat, creating Signature Caesar Salad is as delicious one of the most opulent culinary as the Filet, and completes this deeply combinations ever known. Prime serves satisfying meal.

LESPRI STEAKHOUSE and Sushi bar agrees: the Filet Mignon. Lespri’s Filet is well known for its intimate dining can literally be cut with a fork, it’s so atmosphere. The wood-paneled dining tender and juicy. Grilled to order and room reminds you of one of Chicago’s enhanced with only salt and pepper, it is celebrated steak houses. All of their beef served on a piping hot plate to maintain is rated USDA Prime, guaranteed to be warmth throughout the meal. To finish, the finest available. When the staff is ask your server for the dessert that’s not asked about their favorite steak on the on the menu, but famous: New Orleans menu is, nobody hesitates and everyone beignets served with dipping sauce.

Know your steaks!

Learning which cut, preparation, and side create the perfect steak dinner for you is a goal worthy of your time and effort. These wonderful steakhouses are eager to assist you and guaranteed to make your choice a difficult one.

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