Whether outfitting a home exercise studio, finding that one perfect piece to complement your outdoor biking and hiking routine or simply selecting a stability ball or chair, visit Utah Home Fitness—they have it all.

The home-exerciser demographic is, to say the least, diverse—especially in the Wasatch Back. Inspire Fitness offers multi-gyms, functional trainers and cardio units. The installers at Utah Home Fitness provide full service and repairs under a lifetime warranty.

Brett from Utah Home Fitness explains, “The body is a complex ecosystem symbiotically working to adapt to the environment that surrounds it. For many Parkites, this environment consists of heavy cardiovascular exercise in one of the most beautiful mountain regions in the world—whether it be trail running, biking, hiking or skiing.”

Staffed by outdoor enthusiasts, Utah Home Fitness works with clients to supplement outdoor workouts. They understand that the body grows as much when it is resting as when it is in motion. They recommend Parkites include the following in their “rest routines:” The Teeter Hang-up is an inversion table that your spine will love. In addition, it keeps your brain and connective tissues engaged. The Teeter EP-560 provides everything for recovery with a safe, easy transition to upside down living.

Everyone should have a FitChair for the home and/or office. The wheels make it easy to move around while keeping your shoulders and spine aligned. At only a dollar a pound, try some dumbbells to keep your muscles active at home. Kettlebells keep the booty in shape during off seasons.

Finally, try a RumbleRoller. It will increase joint mobility, eliminate stress and provide a great warm up for any activity.

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