Arctic Breeds Rescue

Written and photographed by Morgan Crolley

It is a brisk, clear Sunday in Park City, Utah. Everything is glistening with the remnants of all the snow we have received the past few days, and we are in a winter white wonderland. Approaching in the distance is a team of visibly excited and lively dogs. Today we are going on an adventure of sorts, a means of transportation that I have personally found to be the coolest thus far. Dog sledding in the Wasatch Mountains — how about that for a different Sunday-funday?

Paired with All Seasons Adventures, these rescue dogs provide fun and adventurous entertainment during the winter seasons. Just 15 minutes from Park City’s Main Street, you are able to go on an hour long trail ride with beautiful views and exceptional company. Transitioning to the summer months, these happy pups are still able to run and do activities, on cooler days.

A passion and purpose. This is what Maren & Racer Gibson, founders of Arctic Breeds Rescue, have given this group of lucky dogs. For over twenty years, Arctic Rescue has been taking in and saving the lives of dogs considered “unadoptable.” Husky and Alaskan Malamute breeds and mixes are known for being hard working and high energy dogs. With this couple’s dedication, compassion and their collaboration with All Seasons Adventures, these dogs have a true purpose and a fulfilled life while waiting to find their forever homes.

“I love working with animals. Saving the lives of dogs who have unique needs and helping them to find a happy home is very rewarding,” Maren says. “It is really amazing to be able to make such a difference in the life of an animal, just for the sake of helping them.”

With a network of volunteer families and foster homes, each dog is able to stay in a comfortable environment other than the normal setting of a consolidated kennel. For those interested in adopting a dog, Maren will get to know prospective owners herself before setting up appointments to meet the dog and make sure each is a right fit for one another. Volunteers and foster families are always welcomed, to allow more and more of these adored animals to be saved. “The ideal candidate to adopt an arctic breed is someone who loves the outdoors, especially in winter, and who has a keen appreciation for an independent dog, even one that can often outsmart them,” Maren explains. “However, they will have a dog who will work for them and with them, simply out of respect… and in my opinion, earning the respect of a dog is one of the highest compliments a person can be paid.”

Volunteers are always needed. You may contact Maren at: |

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